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"P" is for prioritize (Jan. 10th)

Friday, January 11, 2019

This is something that has been coming to mind for several days now so I'm listening to that nudging and tomorrow my first priority will be to re-prioritize my time during the week. Study & Prayer time are falling to the end of the list once again and I know this actually should come first.

Today was a solid day of paid work and I am happy to have two more plans submitted and two more out for client review. Finally seeing the end to some of these that have just been hanging on since the end of September for various reasons. Tomorrow I shouldn't have to spend much time at all on it, but will watch for a couple of documents I'm needing.

Tim was gone to his "new" job today and he sure seems happier so I am thankful he was able to know this was the direction he needed to go. He came home and did a little more on the house addition just because "he has to". LOL

Isaac was home for a couple of hours this afternoon and I spent time with him working on his art assignment which is also his final. The teacher had called concerned because he didn't know how to get the writing part to happen with Isaac so I got all the details and had Isaac load it up on his school laptop. It was typical... does not read directions with the intent of knowing what it really says. According to Isaac, "it's art class...we draw, we don't write". I got him lined out with the journal that goes with the daily drawing progress so he'll be good to go now. He had the late shift for basketball practice tonight (6-8) and now he's in bed asleep.

Maegann was home most of the day as she was not scheduled to work. She had an interview at Red Robin in the afternoon so she now has two Hostess jobs. RR pays a little better and she will have time to see which place she prefers before probably needing to cut one when her cosmetology courses begin in March. She will have orientation and training next week. She wasn't home from that long when Michael arrived. They headed to the Boise Mall to just hang out together as it has been quite some time since they both had a chunk of time on the same day.

Tomorrow my "want to do" list is:
*Bible study & prayer time
*Prioritize my time -- not sure what that will look like
*Figure out the "bottom line" of our finances right now as there is nothing coming in until the first of February. It's squeaky tight right now!

My "if I choose to do" list is:
*Clean the bathroom
*Meal planning

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