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HELP..........I need a strength training goal!

Monday, March 04, 2019

I need some help please! I have been tasked by my boot camp trainer, to create a March goal for myself. I go to boot camp to become stronger, fitter and more physically able. So, I don't want to make a goal that is tracking something more about looks, ie: pounds or inches lost. While that is also important, I would really like to make it about my strength.

It needs to be something measurable, such as "I would like to do 10 burpees, in good form, within 90 seconds." However, I have knee issues, so speed burpees would not be a good idea! Neither would lunges!

I am looking any ideas involving strength, that would make good goals. Thanks in advance Spark Friends!

Also, if you happen to have any other creative ideas for goals, I would love to hear those too!
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    I also have knee problems - since my young years, now bcs I started to exercise again. When I keep icing after the exercise so much as I can and use Voltaren creme afterwards, the swelling and pain will disappear but it takes like a month.
    202 days ago
    You’ll be amazed at how sore simple ol’ squats can make ya, as you concentrate on good form - keeping torso upright & going as deep as you can 😳
    265 days ago
    Sorry only saw this today (Saturday). How about ball slams or battle ropes so many reps in 2 minutes as well. emoticon or increase your Kettlebell weight,
    266 days ago
    Thanks for all your great suggestions! I decided to go with 2 minute plank followed by a 2 minute wall sit with slam ball weights. So you put a slam ball (looks like a basketball but weighted - I use 20 pounds) between your knees and squeeze to hold it in there and then do a wall sit. I also hold another weighted slam ball in my arms for more core hold. Great all over exercise!

    I went with those 2 because they are challenging for me - so I will have something to work up to - and they are not damaging to pre-existing injuries.

    Wish me luck!
    273 days ago
    How about an arm challenge? There is a good 21 day arm challenge on Pinterest by popsugar
    273 days ago
    Bridges, planks, push-ups, upper body exercises...
    276 days ago
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate your input!
    277 days ago
    You've gotten good suggestions! I do lots of walking (have 2 knee replacements). Check out the SP videos.
    277 days ago
    really basic suggestion - increasing your time holding Plank position, with proper form

    What about mastering something you cannot currently do? For me that would be a pull-up. I would like to be able to do ONE freakin' pull-up. Probably need to put that off until I complete the physical therapy for my shoulder...

    Can you do reverse plank? That's a tough one, too.

    277 days ago
    I would suggest either
    an upper body workout as LEGENDIS has suggested

    whatever your present routine is upping the weights by the end of the month by say 2 pounds.

    OR use different equipment; if you don't use a SWISS ball for any of your exercises incorporate it into them. Crunches on the ball instead of on the floor, also bridges

    Have a look on sparks FITNESS for videos or individual exercises with or without the ball.

    277 days ago
    I usually set goals for myself in the sense of 'do strength training x times a week for x weeks'. If you can't do leg stuff you can make a goal out of exercises for the abs or the arms.

    277 days ago
    What about upper body strength training? Flys, bicep curls, tricep curls, upright rows, shoulder shrugs. They can be done with little weight or even no weight for those with arthritic shoulders like me. I know about knee problems and can't do lunges (side or forward). I do leg raises and knee raises usually sitting or holding on to something standing, or calf raises.
    277 days ago
    How about walking so many steps a day? Even with knee issues-i know knee issues as I have them myself-having a step goal will help. Having a step goal will end up including steps, hills, and walking to strengthen your legs and core.
    278 days ago
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