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I just can't believe it

Thursday, March 28, 2019

I began using SparkPeople in 2007. I am not a gym person and I have tried/used various programs over the years. sometimes I took everything very seriously. Other times I was so negligent.
I have had diabetes for about 20 years and mostly have managed it more or less OK. Then, maybe 2 yrs ago my Dr put me on Invokana because my morning readings were too high. At that time I was down maybe 25 lbs from when I started here. I don't really remember.
Anyway, the med made my weight start sliding downward. I was delighted!
I passed my first goal and continued losing, still not realizing WHY I was losing. I got careless with my diet...really careless. My HbA1c was climbing and finally I went to an endocrinologist (had gone to them before, but they kept moving, retiring etc...finally just stuck with my family dr..I really liked him! Then HIS office closed! ) Anyway, he had sent me to endocrinologist and I finally got there....long wait time for first appointment!
My HbA1c was now 14 and probably higher but that was as high as they can test for. UH OH! They took me off the Invokana and started me on a regimen of both fast acting and slow acting insulin. All that lovely weight loss was over...and the numbers began to climb.
Now, over a year later, I am off the fast acting insulin and on some other things. BUT over the last year my pounds lost were returning with a vengence...even the ones lost before the insulin. SO now I am right back where I started twelve years ago. That is SO

I have learned a lot over the last 12 years. I have poor self discipline in some areas and am really good at sticking to other things. SO today I invited a friend to SparkPeople...she has joined.
We both plan to tackle about the same amount of weight loss and I am hopeful we can support and encourage one another. I have made some lovely friends through SP and now am happy to share the whole experience with another friend as I start back at the beginning of this project. I just can't believe I am back at the beginning, but I know SO much more now!

PS, I have never left SparkPeople...rarely if ever missed a day.
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    In early March 2020 I was deathly ill...probably covid though they never tested for that. It took time to get back on my feet and I am fine now. Interestingly, one of the features of covid is lack of taste...and I was on a ventilator for just short of 2 weeks. Afterward, nothing tasted right and I ate very small portions as I tried to get well again. Those small portions and working back up to regular exercise have worked wonders. I am not following any specific diet plan and eat more or less what I want, but I AM trying to pay attention to carbs (not counting, just keeping them very limited.) I have learned to be satisfied with a taste of something rather than an indulgent huge serving. I have had a bouncy ride on the scale, but general trend is down and I am either at goal or one pound up from it every day now. NEVER THOUGHT i WOULD GET THERE ON MY OWN BUT THAT IS THE GOAL i SET WHEN i FIRST JOINED SP YEARS AGO! emoticon
    278 days ago
    279 days ago
    I'm still learning about the whole insulin thing as I've always been told I was pre-diabetic or borderline or whatever pseudo technical sounding jazz that means "we don't really know" all these years. We've been on SparkPeople about the same time, and then I wasn't on as active for a year or so after I joined. I changed my screen name a few years ago, but I don't know if we've been on the same team - will need to look and see. Found some comments you had written on @koffeenut 's page I think?? and came to check out your page.
    639 days ago
    I"m going to try reallly hard to keep up...not many can keep up with you physically,but I'll try... Might have to buy a fit bit, because I sure can't count my steps myself! ;)
    812 days ago
    Well glad you have a buddy. Sorry you're going thru this. Yes, insulin does not do much for helping weight!

    Wishing you goood luck.
    815 days ago
    You got this Asta! So happy you invited a friend to share the journey with you.
    815 days ago
  • MAMADEE016
    Oh Asta!
    I can certainly empathize with you on being back where you began - been there, done that - rinse & repeat.
    My only advice is to just keep going forward. :)
    815 days ago
    Welcome back and what a good bring along a friend. You are both wished all the success in the world! Your turn with the diabetes is a bummer (I have diabetes, too). I highly recommend Jenny Ruhl's book; "Blood Sugar 101". There is much insight there.

    It's so worth it to do what you are now doing for yourself. Keep up the good work. You can do this! emoticon
    815 days ago
    Welcome back; we're here for you.
    815 days ago
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