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"Estimated 75-90% of All Doctor Visits are Due to Stress-Related Health Concerns"

Thursday, May 02, 2019

This is from WebMD. I know that most of my past illnesses, including shingles, were stress-related as it wears down immune system. But no matter all the techniques used to try to cope better, some people are hyper-sensitive and have raw nerve endings making stress harder to combat. Just hearing all of the bad news daily could give a person PTSD.

Just when I feel I've gotten my reaction to stress under control, something new happens that shakes my foundation. I've been working hard to rebuild my immune system and get ready for the next land mine.

Wishing all a happy, healthy day.
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    I'm also trying hard to get my immune system back up and running. Like you, I no sooner start doing better than something comes up to set me back. Day at a time....
    188 days ago
    I agree- Keeping stress to a minimum is a tough one! I find that the more junk I eat the more depressed and stressed I get. Exercise gives me a natural high and eating healthy reduces my stress levels.

    Hang in there! You can do it!
    196 days ago
    Stress is hard to control. In fact, trying to control it can be stressful.
    196 days ago
    Solving the stress issue is a big dilemma. Learning to relax & release what we can't control is a big challenge for me...Just breathe is the 2 words that speak to me so often when I find myself reacting to situations outside of my control. I find that the immune system can react like a domino effect...if it is suppressed one illness can lead to another....come here to vent ...spark people is my STRESS FREE ZONE!!!! emoticon
    198 days ago
    I'm not surprised about stress leading to illness. That's why it's so important to have regular "me time", whether it's exercise, a good book/movie or meditation with God. May tomorrow be a blessed day with less stress !
    198 days ago
    very true the world is full of stress even something that will be great for you like new furniture comes with stress will you like it, will it be comfortable what time are the movers coming will it fit in the house . do we have to take the doors off if so where will we put the dog and cat so they dont get outside, what time were they supposed to come what if they dont come today who is taking the day off tomorrow . lol i try to read relax do yoga and meditate
    199 days ago
    I try to let the angsty thoughts just float on past . . .and focus on the PRESENT!!! Helps me (sometimes . . . at least).
    199 days ago
  • READY201811
    I was diagnosed today of having “care giver burnout. “. Another new term for the medical journals! No way I can take any medication that is going to mess with my memory since I have to take the witness stand Tuesday. Not knowing what medication Will affect me how I just have to suck it up and be strong
    199 days ago
    One day at a time and you WILL get there!
    199 days ago
    I feel the same way about stress. It's my downfall. And the last few weeks/months here has been enough to blow anyone's mind. I am trying to help my immune system too but it's not really working. I really hope you stay well as I need you to. We both can't be sick.
    199 days ago
    Dealing with the uncertainty of your precious fur baby's health must really causing you grief. Hope you can find a healthy outlet to relieve your stress. Unfortunately, our modern world is nothing but a big stress :-(
    199 days ago
    That doesn't surprise me - crazy world!
    Stay positive!
    199 days ago
    hang in!! I'm sending you one of Dean's suggestions i think will really help...i have only been doing it a day and its helping me!!
    199 days ago
    Sometimes relieving stress is difficult! I turn my stress over to the LORD. Although there are times, I have to turn it over to Him over and over and ...
    199 days ago
    199 days ago
    Oh it's so hard to live waiting for the other 'shoe to drop'. Did that a lot during my son's teen years. Still do it somewhat with the kids, even though they're out of the house. Fortunately DS is doing ok. DD -- she has difficulties she has to work out and wants an instant sol'n. As a parent, wish I had one, but all I have to offer is a listening ear. The difference for me right now is realizing SHE is 23 (going to be 24) and has to solve her own problems! That has relieved a lot of stress.

    HUGS to you. Prayers for good measure!
    199 days ago
    So true. Stress is toxic
    199 days ago
    I have started going to meditation classes twice a week.
    Stress r4eally causes a lot of angst and we have to learn to live with
    less stress in our lives. It is doable. emoticon
    199 days ago
    I do yoga three times a wek to reduce stress
    199 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Stress gets us all sometimes. Stay strong 💪
    199 days ago
    Keep pushing through and remember that every improvement you make helps contribute to better health. Stress is a tough one, but you can do it!
    199 days ago
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