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To Do lists that become Didn't Do lists

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The house was empty by 7:20 and I set my phone alarm for 8:45 so I wouldn't miss my window of opportunity to pick up the groceries. Good thing I did too! Once all the groceries were put away the next thing was to make appointments.

It took me over two hours to make 3 dental appointments, 2 vet appointments and 1 doctor appointment.

Then I was ready to get going on paid work and I had my folders in the order I needed to work through them, but I checked email first and that's when things blew up on me. My "favorite" case coordinator finally got around to reviewing an adult plan that needed to renew as of today and naturally she wanted me to make some changes.

One change took another couple of hours as I had to coordinate the information with the client's care provider. I hope she enjoys reading the narrative in the morning as I know it is not what she is expecting at all, but I can only offer what I'm asked to provide.

I did take a break in between for lunch and again to talk with the kids as they arrived home from school/work. Isaac was home for 30 minutes and then he was off with Meg for 2 1/2 hours. Maegann was getting ready for a "date" with Justin. She met him when she was making so many visits to AutoZone for her car. He came over to meet me before they left and again afterwards to officially meet Tim. He'd helped him in the store several times. They went to Cold Stone for ice cream and then to see the new Avenger movie. She is more comfortable hanging out with the young adults than she ever was with peers her age.

Once Isaac was home we had about 10 minutes before we left for Community Night at church. This was the last one until September. Tim arrived about 15 minutes after we did and we enjoyed our hamburgers with fresh fruit on the side before heading in for the presentation on....

They approached it from four angles. Forgiveness. Emotions. Teaching faith to children. Adoption/Fostering. Interesting.

Now it is almost 10:30 and Tim and I are watching a little more of "Goldfinger" before he crashes from his tiring day. I'm still wide awake so may stay up a little longer.

Tomorrow I will get hair appointments made for Maegann's friends and family days at school, go to my dental cleaning and then try to get to the plans I wanted to work on today. We'll see!

I thought I would share a fun photo that Maegann sent me from school on Saturday. They are in the makeup section and are spending time experimenting with the different types. This look is called Editorial.

Bailey was a good model for Maegann's application of red. Too funny.
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