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YEAH GREAT Dr Report!!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

TY For following my blogs Being on a low carb diet for the past weeks!!

Today I saw my Dr and it's NEAT now they can give your AC 1 without taking a vail of blood and doing only a pin prick to get the blood up!! YEAH!! I've seen the new technology that you don't even that, but my Dr's office doesn't have it, yet.

In case your reading this for the first time 6 weeks ago she didn't do an AC 1, but rather a glucose level which was 133. Since I was a full blown diabetic and that # was 135 she had me do low carbs (80 to 100 g daily) for the past 6 weeks. She wants me at 70 to 99 so thats why the concern though 135 isn't a panic point.

I was NOT perfect at staying in that line, but I did well considering it's ME!!

My AC 1 level today was 5.2!! ZING! ZING!! That's a PERFECT LEVEL!!! We talked over the last one, and she's going to retest this in 3 months. Both sides of my Moms and Dads family heavily are diabetic. Hmmmm maybe before people have kids these things could be tested? It probably will come to that someday. NOT now though.

I have 4 brothers (no sisters LOL LOVE it this way!!) and 2 of them are full blown diabetics though they are both on the thin side, and both are avid outdoor guys. The other 2 never see any Dr's so who knows!

I am ECSTATIC and relieved. PHEW!!

She wants a new cat scan done

In the summer I had gone to the ER for a problem with my eye, and the Dr accidentally put the wrong code into the request for a brain scan. They did the Lung Scan!

I DID NOT complain when they told me they had done the lung scan. Mistakes happen. Its easy to do a wrong code.

BUT!! On the scan they found something. My Dr wants to follow this.
BUT!! As said I am NO spring chicken so it could be ANYTHING or WAY more likely when you have full insurance,,, the Dr's go CRAZY CRAZY ordering tests and more tests. I've learned that 99.9 % of them are negative, so going with that!!

Don't you think Izzy should do the scan? I DO !!


NO NOT with my WHOOPIE PIE!! LOL SORRY Dawg team!! NOT!! It's NO JUNK FOOD Week 2 on the 5% Challenge. Beneficial in so many ways!

for sharing the AWESOME NEWS with me!!

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