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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The promises I am holding onto tightly today through tears.

Maegann is not better today and is actually dropping further. I have figured out it has to do with her friendship with Tayler and I have texted and phoned him to come over and talk with her as he is the key to unblocking her brain. So far he has remained silent, but it hasn't been that long. I pray he will sense my urgency and have the character to show up. In the meantime, so much is still forgotten, including Justin. He is actually coming over after work to hang out for a bit and she wants him to as she hopes it will help her remember him.

While all of this is going on, I receive a call from the Vice Principal who handles the special needs kiddos and Isaac is in her office. Not in trouble....just extremely emotional and won't talk about it. I eventually get her to let us talk alone and found out that a student in art class was making fun of him and laughing. Eventually Isaac got a bit more frustrated and that just made the boy keep at him. Thankfully the Art teacher got a security guard to come so Isaac could go outside and away from the issue. He then made it to his next class, which happened to be his speech intervention today so she helped him work out his emotions by drawing. An ugly picture from the sound of it. Let's just say a highly weaponized vigilante taking on the school building. emoticon Then at lunch some other kids that he hangs out with sometimes kept bugging him to tell them what was wrong and he said it didn't matter and then they would just laugh. He was getting angry and the security guard was nearby thankfully and able to get Isaac to the office before he blew. He should be home in about 20 minutes and then he will have time with Destinie at 4 and is supposed to go to basketball practice tonight. Not sure how all of that will go right now, or if it will.

Before all of this stuff I had "me" time at the dentist. Now I only have two more areas with the metal fillings to replace. I can tell I must have been tense as teeth on the opposite side hurt more than where I had the work done. Gotta love the dual purpose "mouth opener".

I did drop off a letter for Maegann's boss today and still have not heard from her about the content. About 14 hours after my initial text she responded with a "I got this text late last night. Woke up to it." That's been it so far.

I am really wanting to be someplace like this right now.

But will honestly head here instead.

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