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"S" is for Surviving

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I am running on fumes this afternoon, but at least today I did not have anything new throwing more prayer needs my way! Whew! This has been a long three days!

Last night he opened up more to us while he was playing video games with Tayler and we learned that the teasing by this kid in art class had racial tones to it so I sent that information to the VP and asked what will be done as now it is racial bullying. They will be hauling him back into the office. Legally they can't tell me what happens, but I would imagine Isaac will know tomorrow morning depending on how this kid interacts with him.

Tonight he is heading to open gym which is now open to incoming freshmen too, and he is determined to take the varsity coach to task. Evidently last week the coach asked for some freshmen/sophomores to come play a game with the older boys. Totally an open invitation. The coach told Isaac to leave, but all the others got to stay. So, depending on what happens tonight, I may be pulling out the mama bear costume once again this week.

Last night Tayler did agree to come over after much pleading on my part. Within minutes Maegann snapped out of it so I am glad I groveled! Tayler then stayed until about 9:30 watching Friends and playing video games with Isaac. The positive is whatever fracture they had with their friendship has now been mended. He even texted me after he was home to ask "What now?" He was really wanting to know if he had been the reason behind her crash. Definitely not.

Maegann does have some memory gaps from the past month and this afternoon she spoke with Justin as he stopped by after work. Sadly for him, this is one of her memory gaps. She remembers him as a friend from the auto parts store. She remembers the places they went, but she does not have a memory of who she was with at the time. He told her they were dating, but she doesn't remember. I need to reach out to him tonight as I can imagine his hurt in feeling like he has lost his girlfriend to a brain injury. I think these gaps are in some way things she does not want to remember--coping response.

As of right now her job at the assisted living residence is done. I texted the boss lady again this morning stating I was checking back in with her to see if we needed to talk about anything from the letter I left for her regarding Maegann. No response at all. Tomorrow my next correspondence will be to confirm that as there was no return communication we are assuming nothing will be changing with the work environment which means Maegann has officially resigned. Tonight Tim, Maegann and I will create our list of labor board violations to submit.

Tomorrow she is on the floor with her first Friends & Family appointments! She is nervous, but she's preparing herself and I am just glad she's had this entire day to rest, wash her make-up brushes and get her stuff ready to go to school.

Treated myself to breakfast out of the house and then came back to get laundry going and then paid work. I was able to get enough done that I am pretty much caught up once again. Now I am sparking before creating supper -- has something with Ravioli in it -- and I still need to fold one load of laundry. Next up will be jigsaw puzzle time. Once kids are in their rooms for the night Tim and I will get started on Survivor. It's the finale. emoticon

Tomorrow I will have much of the day to myself and will head out about 3:45 for Boise to meet up with a client and then go to the Support Broker training from 5-8. Want to get there early enough to be able to attend. Can't believe they don't have a place large enough for everyone who shows up.

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