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Just Call Me Tired

Thursday, May 16, 2019

This is the lesson I am hoping that Isaac will be able to live out while he is dealing with the mean boy at school. I keep telling him to choose the higher character. Today he had the class where this boy attends as well and I know he was not happy, but he didn't say what happened. I think he is beginning to just expect something. I will be calling the alternative virtual school today or tomorrow.

Maegann made it to school and I just received a text from her and she sounds happy so that is good for this mama's heart. She has theory all morning and then after lunch they begin their Friends & Family appointments! The one we know of is a family we attended the homeschool co-op with and she's doing the daughter's hair. Glad she remembers them and is looking forward to seeing them.

I am beginning to notice the need for med adjustments for thyroid and hormone levels as I am running out of the scripts from my retired doctor. I don't see the new one until the 30th and the one the retired doctor sent our records to won't do anything unless I go in and Tim already told me it isn't worth the expense. I'll just rest and make sure I keep up on vitamins and good nutrition while I wait. In a way I think it will be good that everything is cleared out of my system so we can start fresh.

I have managed to make it to noon and have only picked up the groceries, taken a nap, Sparked (watching Cedar Cove at the same time) and pulled out a couple of files I need to go through before the training tonight. Gotta love thyroid fatigue! I will leave here about 4pm to meet a client for some documentation and then go to the training site. Want to get there early so I can for sure get a seat as they have been turning people away based on space.

Tomorrow is a day without anything on the schedule so I'll plan on cleaning and paid work.
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