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05/19/19 Do

Sunday, May 19, 2019

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Sheryl Sandberg

"He believed in reincarnation."

The child was a typical four-year-old girl – cute, inquisitive, and bright as a new penny.

When she expressed difficulty in grasping the concept of marriage, her father decided to pull out his wedding photo album, thinking visual images would help.

One page after another, he pointed out the bride arriving at the church, the entrance, the wedding ceremony, the recessional, the reception, etc. “Now do you understand?” he asked.

“I think so,” she said. “That was when mommy came to work for us?”

ME: I think Dad has some more explaining to do. Especially if he wants to stay out of the doghouse with Mom.

It's Stepmother's Day! Today honors that separate and unique bond between stepmother and stepchildren. If you have a stepmom, this is the day to honor her for the role she has stepped up to.
--Boy's Club Day: celebrates the Boys and Girls Club that provides safe recreational activities for our youth, often after school so the kids don't go home to an empty house; the Boy's Club was founded in 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut and became the Boys and Girls Club in 1990.
--Celebrate Your Elected Official Day: I almost didn't include this one but there must be some elected official somewhere that someone actually voted for them; no info as to what or why this holiday was started, so make it up for yourself as you go along.
--May Ray Day: today is a reminder to get outside and soak up some sun; also, today celebrates anyone who is named Ray.
--Devils' Food Cake Day: salutes a lighter version of chocolate, often made with more baking soda and boiling water instead of milk; early recipes show around the 1900's.
--Hepatitis Testing Day: today is a reminder we should be tested for hepatitis as it doesn't always have symptoms and is a leading cause of liver cancer; people could have hepatitis and not know it.
--Pesach Sheni: a Jewish religious celebration that started at yesterday's sunset; means "Second Passover" and has a theme of second chances.
--Baking Day: this is the day to celebrate and share your love of baking; maybe you could teach a class.
--IBD Day: today raises awareness of the inflammatory bowel diseases Crohn's and ulcerative colitis and educates about prevention and treatment.
--Malcom X Day: commemorates the birthday of the civil rights leader Malcom X.
--Bay to Breakers Day: the oldest footrace in the US, this race happens in San Francisco, starting at the northeast end of downtown and ending at the Great Highway; total of 7.46 miles.
--Scooter Day: salutes all kinds of scooters, so get the kids out on their scooters and maybe you can give it a go.
--Ride a Unicycle Day: if you're one of the talented few, share your love of this unique mode of transportation; if you've never tried it, maybe this is the day.
--Take Your Parents to the Playground Day: always on the 3rd Sunday of May, this is for the whole family to go to the local playground and let the kids show you how to really play.
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