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May 21st~Strange weather

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

As if Spring couldn't get any crazier...woke to continued rain, then it turned to snow. Got enough really wet slushy snow to cover the ground, then by noon the sun was out! Talk about mood swings!! Cool this evening and weather person says in the 70's in a couple of days.
Do not put your winter clothes away.!!! Who knows what is next!!
At feeding time the snow and wind were going so Skinner did not get his visit and treats this AM. I found out just how important they are to him around noon when I went out ..he came trotting to the fence to meet me. He stuck his head over and give me a big ole donkey smile, as if saying "can I have my treats now!" We spent some time with pets and donkey massage ..but no treats, I did not have them chopped up! I bet he will be happy with me in the morning!!
Molly loved the snow..out there galloping about like a puppy..well she is still a puppy come to think of it..just a large puppy! Then my sons dogs got out and went for a walkabout thru the neighborhood. He has one old gal that he was worried about. So we were all out there in the snowstorm calling and watching for the dogs. Finally Cheyenne, the old gal, came up and behind her with a bouncing step of sheer delight was Montana. Cheyenne got in the house , curled up and snoozed..so they reported. Guess the ole gal just can't do walkabout like she once did!
Their computer got zapped with lightening yesterday. They are at the end of the line so they got the whammo of it. Hopefully the company will be here tomorrow to repair the lines. He has home work to do and all of it is online anymore!
That was the excitement of the day!..I will be glad when the sun returns!
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