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Prayer Request Celeste and Barbara

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Hi πŸ‘‹ Spark ⚑️ Friends πŸ‘«- I ask prayers for Lady in picture. Her name is Barbara. We have known each for 10 years. Barbara was in Milwaukee Wisconsin homeless. As someone l consider a friend, I arranged for her to rent a room in my South Texas home. She caused repeated water leaks. Barbara locked me, plumbers and repair persons out. Barbara using my name, charged only to me has had internet, cable tv, $250 of additional movies, games, pizzas etc. Since mailbox key changed & bills sent in her name not aware of this for 3-4 months until due to non payment creditors called me. What totally ended my ability to trust Barbara was when she assaulted me & threw out things from my home. I had to go to the emergency 🚨 room due to her physical and verbal actions. Yet, the local police refuse to allow me to file a criminal complaint against her. Police told me this is ONLY a civil matter. I have had to pay $4000 in court, Attorney and other fees so far. Barbara called, text and emailed me today. She’s determined she has ever legal right to stay in my home until end of our written agreement August 31, 2019. Rather than stay with someone who used a knife -cut me & she said she wants to cut me and watch me bleed to death painfully slow - I have been living in a monthly motel room for the past months. Prayers Barbara gets removed legally from my home. Our eviction court trial is Tuesday morning June 4, 2019. Even if she is formally evicted from my home - she told me today - she plans to continue to live in my home. I have to pay for more legal hearings - due to backlog in courts here - approximately 1-4 weeks in a major city like San Antonio Texas. Then if I win that I have to pay Sheriff to force her to leave. I pray Barbara gets the mental health care she needs soon. I am also asking for prayers that I get to finally move back in my home. Sunday I enjoy singing at my β›ͺ and giving this to God.
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