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Sunday, June 02, 2019

"We only have what we give." Isabel Allende

"To think I spent all those years in medical school when I could have become a health care expert just by running for Congress."

A woman wearing a real tight dress, and carrying a bunch of packages tries to get on a bus. 

She can’t get up the step so she reaches behind and drops the zipper on her skirt a little, tries again. 

Still can’t make it, so she drops her skirt zipper a bit more, still no luck. 

She reaches back drops her skirt zipper a bunch and the guy behind her grabs her, picks her up, carries her on the bus, pays both fares, sets her down and kisses her left breast. 

The woman slaps him, and the guy says, “Honey after you pulled my zipper down the third time, I figured we were friends.”

It's Rocky Road Day! Throw in bits of chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and you've created rocky road, whether it's ice cream, brownies, or fudge. Rocky road came from traveling businessmen trying to hoodwink the miners at the gold mines in 1853. They carried confectionary that often spoiled but mixed with bits of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts, the spoiled goods became rocky road and the miners loved it. The name was chosen because of the rocky roads the traveling businessmen had to traverse to the mines.
--American Indian Citizenship Day: in 1924, all Native Americans were granted American citizenship; prior to that date, only Native American women who married US citizens and Native Americans who fought in WWI were granted citizenship.
--Children's Awareness Memorial Day: a memorial and day to honor all children who died as a result of violence of any nature.
--I Love My Dentist Day: as much as we complain, we are glad we have our dentists to ensure our dental health and pearly whites.
--Bubba Day: a derivative of "brother" in the South; we salute all named Bubba.
--Cancer Survivors Day: today is a reminder that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality; today is about thanks by the survivors and inspiration to those newly diagnosed.
--Jerusalem Day: in Israel, commemorates the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in 1967.
--Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day: started in the '90's as tongue-in-cheek; at noon, all citizens in North America are to go outside and yell "Fudge"; this will cause any cobras in the vicinity to gag and will leave; shouldn't we just get St. Patrick?
--Rotisserie Chicken Day: sponsored by Boston Market, a salute to the grocery store leader product that we love to bring home; rotisseries go back to at least the 1300's but rotisserie chicken became available in the grocery stores in the 1930's.
--International Sex Workers Day: raises awareness of the discrimination and working conditions endured by the sex workers due to biases and ignorance; the date commemorates a protest in 1975 in Lyons to bring the conditions to public view.
--German World Heritage Day: an UNESCO initiative to celebrate the German heritage and its contributions to society.
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