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Don't forget the measuring tape!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I feel like a lot of people put too much focus on the numbers on the scale... myself included! I sometimes find myself even obsessing on getting on the scale just to see if maybe it moved just a tad which can in turn be damaging to our progress in the long run. It's definitely a mental war that I find myself fighting too many times and usually ends up with me on the loosing end. There are days that I can't wait to weigh myself because I feel like "I just had to have lost" when in fact I'm usually at the same weight if not maybe even gained some. Then I just give up! I found myself in this same boat yesterday but I found a silver lining this morning! Yesterday was weigh in day for me and although I did loose 8 oz, I still felt a bit defeated. I did so good all last week and didn't even loose a full lb. The numbers do not define your success though!! I got up this morning and while I was getting dressed for work I realized that I didn't do my measurements after my weigh in. I pulled out my measuring tape, wrote down all of my measurements and put them in my purse to add to my "Sparkpeople notebook" at work. Low and behold, once I did all of the calculations it turns out that even though I didn't loose much weight, I lost 4 total inches!! Please don't give all of your focus to the numbers on the scale. Even though your weight may not move much, you may be melting those inches off like crazy and not even realize it. And, even if you may not loose many inches either, do not beat yourself up over it and do not throw in the towel and give up!! A city is not built in one day. All good things come with time and good wine ages with time. Just think of yourself as a good wine that is only getting better and better with time!!
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