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Sunday -- a day of rest

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Enjoying a quiet Sunday.
emoticon slept in a little
emoticon picked up a few groceries
emoticon made spaghetti for lunch
emoticon Tim, Maegann and Jeff moved the bedroom furniture while I cleaned up from lunch
emoticon watched today's worship service (it was "church at home" day for us)
emoticon wrote a recommendation letter for a friend
emoticon watching Star Wars with Maegann and Jeff
emoticon Sparking

We had hoped to move into the new bedroom yesterday, but Tim ran into an issue with the toilet. Actually had to return it as there was a flaw inside the drain so it wouldn't work. The new one works just like it's supposed to. Anyway, it's nothing overly special other than "we finally have a "real" bedroom once again!

The bathroom area is still under construction, but usable. Need countertop, shower doors and some tile (or whatever) at the tub.

Tim has chosen doors to be installed first as we both thought a bathroom door would be a good idea.

His new "work area" is the second bedroom now that Isaac says he is claiming. We'll see!

Our old master suite now makes it more possible to visualize the next steps.

I will admit, Tim is the most excited of all of us and I can't blame him. He's put so much of his time into it and it's always nice to see a project come to life.

Isaac chose to attend the Nazarene church that is about 2 miles away so he got up and walked there and back this morning. He has started attending their youth group again on Wednesday nights and their Ultimate Frisbee/Lunch on Thursdays.

Maegann is having a "boy" day. Jeff asked if he could come over and she told him it was okay if he didn't mind helping with the room moving and watching/listening to a sermon. He didn't and even enjoyed lunch with us. Tonight she is going to see Toy Story 4 with Justin after he's done with a family dinner. He may not be able to depending on that timing. And now she's on FaceTime with her friend Hunter in NC as he is home after having out-patient brain surgery. They were able to go in through his ear and remove the small blood clot. Amazing what can be done now without being so invasive.

Yesterday, I received a letter from Jerico (sponsor child in the Philippines) along with a note from the administration that he has graduated out of the program as he is now 19.

Hopefully he will contact me at some point so we can keep in touch. I then started "shopping" by placing a filter of 16+ and most need and this photo showed up.

Nilofer is 16 and lives in India. Will be fun getting to know her and help her as she advances into college and her future.

Tomorrow.... Isaac has a doctor appointment at 9:15 in Meridian (med management) and once home I'll start laundry, get Maegann's job/work lined out for her, and move/organize the rest of the stuff in the laundry room so it can be in the bedroom. Need to get rid of items I don't wear and get the fall/winter clothes sorted out and stored. I did order me a few new items for summer as mine are either worn out or just a little too tight for comfort. I bought items that can easily have darts added so I will get use out of them while the scale continues a downward trend.
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