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Friday, July 19, 2019

What surgery, you may ask? The repair of a very large hiatal hernia which has pushed my stomach into my chest Some symptoms are: having difficulty swallowing, getting full too quickly, chest pain, nausea and more. I've lived with this hernia for years, and we have watched it grow over the years. I have gone pretty much symptom free for several years. It was only in the past year I have experienced difficulty swallowing my food. So, my Dr. recommended I see a surgeon, which my husband and I did several times. After many tests, the three of us sat down last week for a "heart to heart" talk. This surgery is a difficult one and it could be 3 to 4 hours or more. Given my COPD (asthma) and a heart mummer, fluid around my heart, and gasp!, my age of 70, I'm a "high moderate'" risk for surgery. Bottom line, the surgeon said he doesn't know how my body will respond to being under anesthesia for sever al hours, and if I do come through that, he doesn't know what side effects I may have in my brain or if I have any, will they go away. Bottom line here: He doesn't know if I will make it off the table or have other side effects. WOW...So I am NOT having surgery now. If I start to have symptoms, then we'll have to talk again and probably risk having the surgery. He and I will see one another again in January, but sooner if necessary. Please pray I will remain symptom free.
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