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It's Been Awhile!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I haven't written a blog since I came back to Spark after my long health ordeal. But I finally had something happen today that I am still in shock over. Hopefully it won't be too long and drawn out.

Nearly everyone I know well on spark knows the horror I went through back in 2017-2018 when I contracted Sepsis....I won't go back into what sepsis is other than to say it is a killer and by the Grace of God I made it through and am alive today. PTL.

This will be the short because I have already explained about the sepsis I had back then. This story is I hope the last remaining thing left of the sepsis.

I have gone to the dentist since I was 3 years old....they always told me I had "soft" teeth so had to take extra special care of them and I have.

During the 8 months of sepsis care and the psych meds that I wrote about before I was pretty out of it and didn't brush my teeth then....had no inkling. BUT neither did the nurses or caregivers. John said that our favorite caregiver did when she had the time to do it but she was very overworked as are most.

That's the short story of it. I went to my own dentist as soon as I left the hospital and was back in my right mind. It felt so good to have a professional cleaning done but for several reasons I won't go into I no longer cared for his business....he had gotten more money conscious than health conscious (long story). When he was checking my teeth, I already knew that the tooth farthest back on my right lower side is totally intact to the gum but around 2/3 of the tooth base where it attaches to the gum and jaw it is totally gone (imagine an old "cartoon-version" of an apple core but just the top half-that is what my tooth "feels like" to my tongue) and my tongue just will NOT stay away from that tooth. I want it just pulled out because it is so far back and I don't chew on that side but my old doctor told me he would not pull it because he already had it set to be replaced with an implant even though I have told him 3 times I do not want an implant!!!!! So tomorrow I go to my new dentist and at 71 now I hope and pray this dentist listens to me and just pulls it so I can let this thing heal and forget it!

The world is becoming too pushy for me and short of something bad coming to me because of my request, I hope this man listens to me!

Whatever things are bothering you, I pray they get taken care of to YOUR satisfaction and not theirs.

Have a great night, I'm sure I will be back at least one more time after tomorrow!

So I changed to a dentist near home that I heard is very good from a good

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JUNEAU2010
    I hate dental issues!
    126 days ago
    I'll keep you in my prayers Ikkle, emoticon

    sorry can't stop to chat, see m y blog today

    love you emoticon
    138 days ago
    I don't blame you for not biting for the implant. Especially with your history of sepsis. Glad you did find a new dentist who will listen to you (found yesterday's blog before this one!)

    142 days ago
    So glad you are back and taking care of your teeth and
    taking charge of your life.
    142 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I just heard of a bridge friend who passed away due to 'unexpected complications from a common infection' :-( She was 73. Yes, you were blessed to survive that experience..
    I know several bridge friends who refuse to get freezing for any dental work. With their regular dentists, they had no problem, but when this one woman's dentist retired, the young pup refused to do the work without freezing. Good move to ditch him and go to someone who will do what you want. The dentist who took over the practice from my old dentist is all about the latest advancements and tests, and equipment and I am thinking I simply can't afford her. My Mom and Stepdad already have switched to a dentist recommended by their dentist neighbor. But they have aggressive staff that keep phoning them for cleanings and appointments. I wasn't happy how much they kept pestering me.
    143 days ago
    Wow! I remember when my mother was so sick and the one thing I was really concerned about was her teeth. The staff at the hospital wouldn't let me brush her teeth for her because they wanted to get her to try to do it for herself. I have always regretted letting them tell me not to. I feel like it is a matter of dignity, just like washing your face and hands, bathing and combing your hair. I'm so sorry that the staff at the nursing facility/hospital didn't do more to make you feel like you were worth the effort. Preserving dignity is so important. Unfortunately, taking our dignity away is all too common in today's world. I hope this new dentist will be tuned into you enough to understand your needs.
    143 days ago
    Wonder why they aren't advising a bridge. Much less expensive than an implant. Hope you get good advice from the new dentist. I really trust mine!
    143 days ago
  • NANCY-
    It is difficult to find good professionals. I hope you find the dental care you need.
    143 days ago
    Go to another dentist. Yes, have it pulled. He wants to do the implant because he's counting on the big bucks. I had mine pulled last year; same thing with far back and not used. You are a miracle example of surviving sepsis.
    143 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Yes, the prevailing thing for dental work is :never pull it unless it threatens health or is cracked,etc.
    143 days ago
  • KR7770
    I will be praying for you... emoticon
    143 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    I guess it would be ideal if you could be given all the pros and cons of all options by someone who is unmotivated by money, and for you to be left completely pressure free to decide what’s best for you.
    It’s tough.
    143 days ago
    An implant may be "best case scenario", but that doesn't mean everyone wants one. We have a private medical system in this country, so the choice is yours. I hope your new dentist is happy to follow your lead. You've had enough to worry about over these last couple of years.
    143 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Good to see you! Best wishes for the day!
    emoticon emoticon
    143 days ago
    I am so sorry that your teeth were not properly cared for while you were ill.

    And . . . please do listen carefully to your dentist's advice. I do know that post-conditions such as sepsis when the immune system may be compromised some dentists believe that it's important to adopt a preservation stance . . . and occlusion symmetry as much as possible. Post breast cancer and radiation treatment, that was advice I received and accepted . . . Just hope that your situation is resolved entirely to your satisfaction.
    143 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Stand firm in what you know you need/want.
    144 days ago
    Good luck with the new dentist. We had to get a new dentist when we moved from Colorado to Oregon, and I was amazed at how many improvements have been made in dentistry that the other one apparently had not kept up with. I hope you find the same kind of satisfaction with a new dentist that I did.
    144 days ago
  • 1958TMC
    I hope you get a smart and caring dentist this time. Life is too short to spend it on worthless people.
    144 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    Good for you! We all need to stand up for what we want! Hope all goes good with the new dentist!
    144 days ago
    I've experienced those professionals who always know what is best for you. My approach is just like yours: tell them why not, and listen to heir response. If needed, find a new ;professional...

    Good for you!
    144 days ago
    I do understand completely. Yes, they do want that money more than anything and I know how expensive in-plants are—some of us want to do things besides put that money in our teeth. You may have to go to an oral surgeon to get it removed—that is what we have to do in our town. Praying it is resolved the way you want it done! ((HUGS))
    144 days ago
    I, too, hope and pray this is resolved to your satisfaction. emoticon
    144 days ago
  • JOY381
    Sometimes we are our own best advocates for what is best for us.
    144 days ago
    I hope and pray this all gets worked out to your satisfaction, as well, Gaye. emoticon
    144 days ago
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