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We hope to not meet Gerard/Sully--

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Isn't that so true?---
--like---I really did not want to walk this AM---I knew I had to however--because last night in bed, I had that "shakey leg syndrome"--which usually comes on if I haven't exercised--
And to be healthy I knew I had to move---
There are about 20 homes on our road--only one other Lady and I walk--
I met her this A.M.--

I have to go to it, to succeed---

It is Sunday- The AC is on---I have been changing beds---ready for son#2 the Pilot to arrive this Labour Day weekend--
I hear he has a puppy, called "Gerard"----We call him "Sully"---

"I hope he doesn't bring that puppy up here!" I hear himself saying--
The puppy is not trained---Lord love a Duck!---Why do grown kids bring their pets to Mom's?
Somehow I must figure out how to tell Son#2 that his Dad (and Mom)-don't really want to meet Gerard/Sully!
"You tell him!" Himself says to me---

Crazy life isn't it---

EVERY MOMENT----WE are so lucky!---and we will succeed---
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wasn't sure about Gerard/Sully, because I was sure that the partnership was Mulder/Sully. But perhaps I'm not watching the right episodes of X-files.


    g you get that situation taken care of.
    The Truth is out there.
    173 days ago
    Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a puppy around for a couple of days. They are so cute and cuddly.
    173 days ago
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    Ever since I've been out on my own I've had dogs, never crated them, and they've become perfect canine citizens. They've learned the rules of the house---and the number one rule is one does not pee in the house on the carpet or hardwood floors. Sadly I lost a good friend because I requested that she not bring her dog when she visited. The adult dog was hopelessly not trained. I didn't want that dog to undo the training of mine.

    Son #2 seems like an exceptionally thoughtful son. I'm sure he'd watch the pup or come up with some solution. Hang in there, Lynda. You're the best.
    173 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    173 days ago
  • HEDSTS58
    Let him bring Sully. The Germans might have fun.
    173 days ago
    Tell him that Himself does not want to meet the dog...…...however if he has to bring him,
    maybe he could stay outside or something.

    173 days ago
    So when is your Labour Day? I take it is before ours which is in September in the USA.

    How nice himself found something you can do for him because he doesn't want to be the bad guy and say the dog can not come!

    Glad you got out walking before it got too hot.

    Hope you get a great night sleep tonight. My legs do thst especially if I have not drank enough water!
    173 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    I understand about meeting the new puppy. But you will probably Love him like you do your Germans and Sully just might become their new best cousin! But if you really don't want to meet Sully, you must Stand Your Ground!
    173 days ago
  • MOEE45
    Oh oh , that’s really tricky . Good luck my dear friend emoticon
    Have a blessed Sunday evening emoticon
    173 days ago
    Oh boy lucky you... emoticon
    173 days ago
    I am sure that if Sully shows up it will work out okay. Hopefully, he can be crated at night!
    Enjoy the family!
    173 days ago
    I think dad needs to have a talk with son #2. Our kids have always brought their animals here, but they live in town so we can visit in the backyard while potty training. Socializing is important too though, so I understand why he wants to bring their new little family member. Talking over with son #2 how he plans to care for puppy while visiting will be important. Good luck making your decision.
    173 days ago
  • GABY1948
    We go through the same things here (we have no pets right now except the deer outside that come to John to be fed bread). Somehow it will all work out and you have my prayers with you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    I disagree with the others about crating. It's not educational at all for a puppy. If you don't want an untrained dog there, you should tell your son on the phone. There are kennels he can stay at while he's away from home. Or he might have a friend who can help care for the animal. If the only option is having him there, he can stay with the dogs and have a piddle pad set up, since puppys are too little to wait a long time at night. Have your son bring piddle pads if he insists that the dog has to come and have him teach the little boy how to use it!
    173 days ago
    Puppies are so cute. I hope your son has a crate. He will probably take care of it. I would take our puppy with us (we never had children). I always had a crate and kept the puppy with me. This would help socialize the pup and get him used to different things. Just make sure the pup has chew toys.

    Have fun with your son and keep on walking!

    173 days ago
    Here's to your next adventure . . . . .

    173 days ago
    173 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    If the puppy will be crated on the way traveling, use the crate for his safe keeping as along as he is in your home. Your son hopefully has this covered already, but asking is surely your right.
    173 days ago
    Hope today's walk helps you get better sleep tonight. emoticon
    173 days ago
    Enjoy your son's visit. Plan on having a crate for the pup inside.
    173 days ago
    I'm glad you get out there and walk every day.
    173 days ago
    Good luck with telling your son not to bring his dog!
    173 days ago
    173 days ago
    Two of my children have dogs and they do not go anywhere without them. It can be very annoying. Why not tell Himself that if he wishes the dog not to come to pick up the phone and tell son#2 to leave him home. MEN!!!
    173 days ago
    Good luck with everything. emoticon
    173 days ago
    At least you have broad shoulders to endure the burden of delivering the news DH wants you to. I agree that a crate is an acceptable compromise. Also, the older dogs can teach the pup what's expected of it. Do what the two of you agree to, but try not to forgo family time if the pup needs to come with your son. emoticon
    173 days ago
    Good luck with that!!! (((HUGS))) emoticon
    173 days ago
    Maybe Gerard/Sully will be a delight! Now THAT would be a nice surprise!
    173 days ago
  • no profile photo JOAN214
    I agree with WESTERNSAGE, BONIFIANT, ETHELMERZ, GLORYB83 & others. This is your home. Crating the dog, especially at night or when no one is around to watch/supervise/clean-up, is reasonable.
    173 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    I do love dogs, too. We haven't had one since ours died in 2002. I miss her. Really. DH didn't want to get another because it was so painful when we had to put her down. Daughter has said we should get one so they don't have to and the wee ones will have a dog. DH doesn't want the dog hair in this house. I kept thinking we should volunteer at the humane society, but know myself well enough to know I'd want to bring one home. I agree....the dog's shedding would require more upkeep, we'd have to figure out what to do when we traveled (which isn't often), cost of dog food, vet bills, etc. Ugh! We've had a dog guest here twice, I think. They did fine. We have a fenced in yard. #1 son's family has a pup. He's still chewer and a jumper. Don't know if they bring him here or not... I do hope they come soon, though...I need a grandson fix from those CO kids!
    173 days ago
    How long has it been since the puppy visited? Perhaps he has been trained since then? A crate can be a good idea. So can being around the older dogs who can teach him. You don't get to see your son often; dealing with the dog is a small price to pay for that human visit. And Himself is a grown up: if he has a message for Son #2 he should deliver it himself, not put it off on you. Good luck!
    173 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Go get it! Good job walking!
    173 days ago
  • no profile photo MOXYCAT
    Himself wants you to deliver message about Sully....sounds pretty typical. The Germans might enjoy a puppy ... hopefully son brings a crate for Sully.
    Good on you for getting out and hoofing it. Have as great day.
    173 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    There’s a few days till Labor Day unless yours is different from USA so maybe the puppy will be trained?
    173 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2019 1:48:29 PM
    Suggest that they bring a crate to put the puppy in if they decide to bring him. Maybe that suggestion will give him food for thought! Have a great Sunday! emoticon
    173 days ago
  • MARIELLE1944
    Good luck if puppy comes! emoticon
    173 days ago
    Having Sully over at your house will only be for a little while. emoticon I'd let him come. I would be afraid if I told Son #2 not to bring him, he'd be hurt. Of course you know your son better than I do. I'm just a sucker for animals.

    It's good you do your walking early in the am when it isn't so hot & humid. That makes it so much easier to walk..... & breath. emoticon

    Have a wonderful Sunday. It's a great day to start over! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    Lol and we also get to babysit the dogs
    173 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    It is hard sometimes to tell our kids not to do something. Good Luck.
    Hope you have a quite Sunday.
    173 days ago
    I guess "someone" will have to talk to son #2 about Gerard/Sully, or be prepared to just grin and bear it! emoticon
    Maybe a puppy will be a fun change??? emoticon
    Good luck either way! emoticon
    173 days ago
    Have a healthy, active, and glorious day!! emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    If I remember rightly, Son#2 reads you blogs... you may have just told him!

    173 days ago
    oh my good luck with that...
    maybe ask if they can crate the poor beast out in the garage..? this is not cruel...
    just put a ticking clock... near him... or tide secular in a blanket ... in the cage... .. during the day let him roam outside to do his business... then at night crate him...
    your son should be okay with that... I hope...

    How is the bird situation in the garage... all gone?

    Enjoy your Sunday ...
    173 days ago
    Great post luckily my grands live thousands of miles away so no pets come when they visit.
    173 days ago
    Thank you enjoy youe post
    173 days ago
    I agree with the you need to tell him sooner than later. He may be thinking that the open spaces of your home/property would be perfect for a pup. It's a catch-22.

    Because it is a puppy, it would be confusing for it to be left behind with a stranger. Maybe you could open the conversation with "How are you going to continue Gerard's training while you're up here?" How is Son#2 going to transport Gerard? If he's using a carrier (as he should), it can be used as a training.

    The main thing is soon and honest. If Son#2 is going to need to make arrangements to leave Gerard behind, he needs to know now.

    173 days ago
    emoticon Sounds like a Dad thing to say, to me... emoticon
    173 days ago
    GLad to the wise words GEt OUt and Walk that is my plan when i finish here.
    Where is the puppy when son is in the air ? can he stay there.
    is you labor day coming soon ours is in Sept . happy Sunday emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
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