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Washed those grays right out of my hair....

Friday, August 09, 2019

Slept very well last night thanks to a pain pill. Woke up with much less pain and swelling. I had some rough moments throughout the day, but would not take a pill as I needed a clear head. Will take another one tonight before bed. So thankful for much less tooth pain!

Headed out to get my roots and grays colored at the school. Maegann was assigned a student who is just finished with Core Classes to shadow my procedure. Maegann was so good with her and really has a knack for "teaching" the skills. She even had Emily do half of the process as she remembered when she shadowed just sitting there watching and trying to figure out what was being done and didn't want that for her assigned people. Emily is the next youngest student on campus -- just turned 18 two months ago. They really hit it off well and even went out to lunch together after I was gone.

Isaac's IEP meeting went fine. I met the new Dean of Students and really like her. The guy last year was just not as parent-friendly and Isaac had a tough time with him as well. Got my thoughts shared regarding new approaches, etc. for this year and no major changes to the IEP so won't need another meeting. Isaac also asked the VP of Special Ed to switch his Art class for a Sports class and she said, "No problem." She agreed the time to release some energy would be good for him. They have also created a room that students who need a brain break can access. Has a trampoline and other "sensory" things. This will be a great option for kids like Isaac.

Once home I finished up draft number two of the family budget plan and it's much closer. Tim and I read the chart differently and since Maegann's brain seems to view facts and figures more like he does, I will let them have their way. Just different words and where they like to see the numbers is the grid.

I put on some noise cancelling headphones while Tim worked on the kitchen floor demo. I actually fell asleep they blocked so much sound. Going to need to replace some of the wood floor as there was some water damage around the sink/dishwasher area, but I had to take this picture to show off the "beautiful", original vinyl.

Definitely from the correct time period this home was built!

We got to enjoy the temps dropping quickly tonight along with thunder, lightening and some rain! Yippee!

Tomorrow Maegann has school, Isaac has Patrick in the morning, Tim will continue demo and once Isaac is home our job is to get the back deck emptied. The temps are supposed to be very nice this weekend so it's time to beat the September weather that will be here before we know it AND to have this project done before Isaac is back at school.
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