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Chalk This Day Up to God!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I am so happy to report that the truth has finally taken root in my daughter's heart regarding her relationship with Michael. After our time working with the Emotional Freedom Technique the other day she is completely "at zero" regarding the devastating emotions she had before. (They were together for 9 months and the end was brutal on her.) Tonight she was sharing more that has come to mind about things, and she can talk about any of the 9 month "stuff" without getting angry, frustrated or sadness! She was laughing like those events that once you can look back on them you see the humor. Appears the issues that needed to come to the forefront were having the warning signs right in front of her the first few days they were just talking at school and realizing how awful she had treated her family and friends without caring. However, the final piece was actually realizing she had to forgive herself for being so stupid, blind and uncaring of others and I was able to help her make that happen with EFT. Tonight I can see some of the real personality that I've known of her all her life. Happy. Smiling. Talking a mile a minute. Laughing. It has been SO long in coming and I am giving


This morning the first task of the day was another trip to the dump. I took Isaac to lunch at Wendy's to see if he would open up about how he's feeling right now about school and basketball. He seems to be on a much more solid footing than he was before. The EFT got him over the bulk of the final issue with the Varsity Coach this summer.

Once home I started laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and made plans for supper so I wasn't caught off guard later. Isaac headed out with Patrick about 11 so I had about 3 1/2 hours to myself. I used the time to get client plans drafted and out for edits. Nice having three more almost ready to go as several others are ready to rise to the top of the deadline list!

Maegann was having fun at school today as she didn't have any clients so used her "reward" that is received from turning in their huge monthly assignment on time to get some new colors done. She loves it and it does look cute and fun on her. The overall color is a silver/lavender and I like it a lot more than just the blonde.

And here is the "surprise" element hiding beneath those thick tresses.

The gal that did the coloring for her today is her friend Rachel and she paid part of the fee as she wants to use Maegann's "head" for her competition project. Monday they are having a photo shoot so Maegann has been instructed the desired coloring for her face to arrive with that day. She's off school that day so at least it isn't a rushed situation and will be fun.

Tim's fun for the day was learning he will be traveling to Reno, NV on Sunday at 9pm with a return of 11pm Wednesday. A project that involves about 4-5 different groups/companies and his task is to leave there with all of them happy and singing praises.

Tomorrow will offer an empty house from about 8:45-12:30 as Isaac is going to play ultimate frisbee with the youth group. Their last one of the summer as school begins Monday.
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