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Pushing Through

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Yesterday I hit a wall.
I woke up tired.
Worked all day with a headache.
Came home and just had no motivation to go to the gym.
As I sat on the sofa I told myself, "all you gotta do is put on your gym clothes and shoes. Nothing else."
So I did.
Then I told myself, "Why don't you drink some pre-workout and see how you feel?"
I drank my pre- workout.
I sat on the sofa and didn't have the energy to do anything else.
Then I told myself, "Just drive to the gym, that's it"
So I drove there.
I sat in the car in the parking lot on the verge of tears for 15 mins.
I took some deep breaths and said to myself, "Just walk in there, all you gotta do is walk in then you can go home."
I walked in.
I went straight to the locker room and sat down.
I sat there throwing myself a pity party.
Then I told myself, "Zen you are here, you put your gym clothes on, you drank your pre-workout, you drove here, you got off the car, walked inside, you might as well just do quick 30 min mile, nice and slow, real easy"
I walked to the treadmill, got on, put my head phones in and watched tv as I walked. I counted down. 25 more mins, 20 more mins, 15 more mins and so on.
I got to 30 mins and then I started talking to myself again. "Zen those were an easy 30 mins, I bet you can do 5 more."
I did 5 more.
Then I said " Wow! Only 5 mins way from 40 mins!"
At 40 mins I convinced myself to do another 5 and so on.
Next thing I know it has been an hour!
I did it! I got my whole hour in.
You CAN do this! I believe in you, the way I believe in myself.
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