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How do you deal with anger?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My daughter is, has been and continues to be around a 7 level of constant anger. We’ve gone through all the court proceedings except the last sentencing on the 12th. We’ve gone through the loss of her therapy cat and every day gets mad because I won’t let her get another one. I received another phone call from another resident because of her being mean to them. She hangs up on me and yesterday when we were there would not even open the door for us to help her with pain medication for her back. My husband went over last night and she had mixed all the pills together and he didn’t know which one so didn’t give her any. I called cmh, DHS, independent living, disability network, charter house,e.v.e and no help is out there. My fear is this same officer that is going to arrest her at anytime for one phone call is the same officer that said I could have charges for endangerment and neglect and was taken off our case and replaced by a detective. If I go to the chief or detective will my daughter be punished? My daughter is fearful, hurting, scared and intellectually only a child. I seek help and can’t find it. I know my daughter and warning signs and where do I go? What do I do?
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