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A "normal" day!

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I was so happy to have a "normal" day which meant having the house to myself until about 3pm. I did have to head out to a client meeting (the one I rescheduled from last week) and it took longer to drive than I spent with the family. Once home I cleaned up the kitchen, fed the dogs and then did the budget reviews scheduled for today and got all the time entered. I watched the new episode of Darrow & Darrow on Hallmark Now (I like that new series.) while I worked. After that all I wanted was....

And I did...for an hour until Maegann got home from school. Thankfully I am still tired tonight so it shouldn't affect tonight's rest. She came home all smiles and talking a mile a minute her day had been so good. Today they had guest speakers in the afternoon and it appears their purpose was to encourage and empower those students.

Also in the photo is someone who has been a friend to Maegann at school since the beginning of summer. Her name is Kim. They are working on their Honors studies together and it appears they are going to start going to the Y together 3-4 days a week after Maegann is off. I guess it is only $25/month which is a decent price for how much the facility offers.

Isaac had a good day back at school and was able to make arrangements to take the math test later this week, got his English work caught up and Biology was a group project so those classes are taken care of from his "break".

While I was making supper, Maegann came in and started making chocolate chip cookies and she was just bouncing off the walls with happy anxiety. Tayler was coming over about 7 to ask Tim and I for permission to formally court Maegann. I had talked with Maegann about it over the weekend and I knew the cookies were to soften the blow for her dad. Not that he needed to be softened. Poor Tayler was so nervous. Lots of laughter followed once we said it was totally okay as we enjoy having him around and he's been a good influence on Maegann. I also made sure he knew that we appreciated the respect he showed to us by coming to ask us first.

This was to be a selfie to record the night for them and Tim had to photo bomb. Isaac was excited too when he got home from basketball because Tayler is the first guy she's had around who accepts him for who he is and will come just to play video games with him.

Now the house has calmed down and both kids are in bed and Tim and I are watching America's Got Talent.

Tomorrow offers a clear schedule for me so I will get the next bunch of budget reviews done, work on the family budget some more and then hopefully get started on the next jigsaw puzzle.
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