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Sunday, September 08, 2019

On 5/23/2009 for the first time i joined Sparkspeople to lose weight, i was above 320 and had just had my second neck surgery, some 3 or 4 times later after giving up on the system and myself in January with the help of my doctors at the VA gave me the tools to help me lose the more than 68 lbs i was over 300. another set of exercise that had once worked was started again and eating right but this time i was sent a scale with a monitor attached that each morning i would answer the questions and then weigh myself. I was in that program for two 90 days cycle and went done i was down to 337 lbs and scared to death with the scale i would start ballooning up again, but with self awareness and wanted to try to make a better life for myself and family i trekked onward. i am now doing 33 minutes on the stationary bike each day and 20 of stretching and dumbbell work also,,,some of you will say well this is nothing but when you have stage 3 COPD like i do it is a for if if wasn't for Sparkspeople and the friends that i have made in the last ten years and the tools of Sparks i could not be the Story you are reading about today...have a great day..
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