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Rocks & Refuge

Monday, September 09, 2019

My day was focused on this a good part of the day. I feel like the battle has begun to increase with Maegann once again and I was feeling too weak to be on the front line. I felt a strong urging to look back through my journal that I kept when I was in Sun Valley by myself for this same purpose. Totally easy to see why this trek was needed! The first couple of pages were my list of "rocks" and the emotions that are attached to those rocks.

I added one new rock -- disappointment. All the rest are still in place. Instead of letting that get me down, I pressed on to another section of my journal. My last gratitude entry was dated January of 2019. That was telling right there of my lack of attention to the One who can help me maneuver through the rocks.

Right then and there I made an entry for today, but it didn't end there. Next up was my random scripture to read, so I closed my eyes and slowly let my Bible open up. You would think I would not be surprised by anything by this point, but not only did I have a scripture, there was a paper that had made itself known too. Sermon notes from the pastor at the church we attended prior to the current one. I loved this series he did, but in particular this sermon called "When Life Roars".

Words I needed to hear. And what about the random scripture? Check it out.

Psalm 46. Verse 10 was one that was tied directly to the study with the rocks and emotions. I was able to finish that time knowing I was listening to Him and was on the right path of letting Him be enough and to fight those battles for me.

Pretty much the only other thing I did was get my notes made for the meeting at the high school with the basketball coach. The meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon as the VP was still down with a flu bug. It was okay...I found some emails that I had forgotten about that show I had already reached out to this coach with information about Isaac's social, communication and learning style. I added it to the pile of documentation just in case I need it to show how hard I've tried to help with their relationship since last winter.

Tonight Maegann and Tayler went out for supper and then to take care of his grandma's dog before returning home. With all the reminders of the rocks and emotions, I will admit that I feel unsettled so I'm once again working at letting God have it. It's tough as we cling to those past experiences. Deep breath. Exhale. emoticon

Heard from Tim and he made it through the first day of "the mess" in Carson City. I'm glad he was able to get out of the office early enough tonight to get some down time and a good rest.

I was not happy to learn that Monday Night Football is now only on ESPN, but at least I am able to watch it on my phone through the NFL app for Verizon.

After the "fun" we had all summer with Antonio Brown, I really want the Raiders to have a great game just so it is known that they are just fine without him.

Tomorrow I will get back to writing a couple of plan drafts since the house will be empty. Also have budget reviews to finish for the month too.
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