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Friday, September 13, 2019

So after many, many days of feeling negative and overwhelmed and frustrated and blah, blah, blah....I already wrote about all that enough. I am finally back on track completely. This is day 2 back on track, my waist has gone down another half inch despite my hiatus! Wow! Well I was still exercising and trying just was also indulging in many sweets!

I realized I just need a break now and then. When other things in life get really stressful and my emotions are overwhelmed the diet just seems so depressing. But once I get a bit of a break and work through some hard things I seem to get the energy back to focus on weight loss again.

This is the third time this has happened...and each time I get back to it without letting too much time pass. I say that is a huge accomplishment because used to be if I got off track with weight loss years would go by and I would end up bigger than before! But not anymore! Now I can take my break, then come back and keep losing. I feel like finally I will reach my goals and be able to maintain once I do. Maybe now I can learn to enjoy the little breaks and not stress about them that I have proven to myself I can pick myself back up and keep going with a healthy lifestyle.

After all there are times I have breaks planned, my birthday, Christmas. Both are times I do not want to worry about eating my favorite foods like holiday stuffing or my homemade cheesecake. I don't want to avoid my fave treat of birthday cake.

But for now I am for the fourth (round I will call it) back on the low carb train. No bread, no sugar, no junk and lots of veggies, lean protein, and water! And it works, oh it works so well like nothing ever has so the shrinking makes it fun. And when my mind is in the right place it isn't quite so hard.

I now know that when my mindset is off my diet is off. Mindset is key to weight loss for me.

I have a goal, in December I am to be on stage with my dance class group and I want to like how I look in the costumes. So I am going to lose as much as I can before then!

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