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October Goals

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Current Weight 339.2 lbs

Either my scales hate me or……I had too much sodium is the only explanation for the rapid weight gain for today. I am probably obsessed with the scales and I do get on them almost everyday to stay mindful of where I am at all times.
New month and new goals!

For my first week my ambition is to stay on 1500 steps each day for a week and then add a few hundred more per week until I have gotten up to a mile again daily

Recumbent Bike
Dedicate 20 minutes a day to start with and build from there.

Water Consumption
Try to hit 1 gallon per day. I am currently hitting 64 oz consistently and I need to increase back to where I was before and stop drinking any sugary drinks!

Try to meal plan more and be mindful of daily carbs

I need to find some spark in me with everything that is happening in my life to push forward and work thru all the obstacles and road blocks in my path. As a younger adult I always felt like I had time to make changes and time slipped away from me when I was working myself to death to try and create some life for myself. We have to make all things work in balance with each other, I could sit here and wish away the remainder of my life on things I wish I had done differently. But the message is simple…..just start no matter what your fitness level is. My long term goal is to lose another 100 lbs and I really don’t know or nor will I project how long that may take me. I may re-evaluate that when I hit that goal….I really can’t say at this point in time.

For the last 3 years of my life I have been a slave to anxiety and that is a horrible place to be. Well to accurate in the last year I have learned to manage my anxiety so I suppose a more accurate statement is I was a slave to it for the first 2 years. I have read thousands of articles about it and I have determined that if you DON’T put in the work yourself you will continue to be a slave to anxiety and it will steal years of your life that you cannot get back. I wish I had learned many more things in those first two years to apply to managing my anxiety better.

My personal goal I am hoping for by the end of the year is perhaps a 15 pound loss in addition to what I have now, and I made it super low hoping that I will surpass that.

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