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PURDY day, successful day (includes pics I live in Maine) and how I did with my goals today

Monday, October 14, 2019

When I woke up today I ate than immediately did some stretching exercises and 10 mins of core exercises. The stretching was to help the AWESOME A team (a part of the 5% Challenge) and the 10 mins core work was to help the Invincible Indigo team (a part of the Biggest Lose Challenge)

I did some figures on the AWESOME A spreadsheet to see how close we were to landing. A little cleaning including the cat box.

I ate lunch.

I was STALLING and STALLING!!!! I knew I should be outside doing some walking (GOOO TEAMS GOO!)

Than the BAD!! BAD!! BAD KITTY Cat (Awwww she's so CUTE!!) KNEW I was stalling and she HELPED ME by settling down in my lap.

Awwww Izzy!! She's 8 and yes, she's GREAT!

Laying in my arm.

Just LOOK at those EYES!! Really HOW COULD I disturb her?

But YEAH I DID!! LOL FINALLY!! Izzy received her kitty EVICTION Papers!! LOL

I had told myself "I can go out for 20 mins, if I want I can come home after" but, I knew once I got out, I'd do at least 30 mins.

There's a park across the street and there's a stream. The ducks LOVE it.

When I hit my 12 mins (it takes me 2 mins to get out of my building, it's a high rise, I do the stairs. I am only on the 3rd floor, but the halls are long) I told myself "YOU CAN go home, or eh, let's do another 10 mins" which then lead to just window shopping. I live in the city. I was near the end that I could soon be on the bridge. So I said "Why don't I go up on the bridge? It'll extend my walk, and it's so nice out! PLUS I saw there's a cruise ship in (In Sept and Oct are our busiest months since many are here to see the leaves changing) the harbor, maybe 2" so UP I went.

As I got up there, the draw bridge went up. NICE!!

So below you'll see the 2 cruise ships and the oil tanker. Plus a small pleasure boat.

Here are my goals for this week and how I did today:

For Sat and Sun 120 mins of exercise Oh yeah, add in Monday emoticon that walk ended up being 90 MINS!! emoticon emoticon

But Tues thru Fri it'll be 60 to 90 mins of exercise.

HUH??? WHAT??? Why the DIFFERENCE???

On the 5% Challenge teams we compete against each other. The max amount of exercise minutes we can count is 120 and I WANT to help my team out.

On the 5% We are also working on 2 healthy habits.

Drinking Water: I MAXED OUT at 8 glasses! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Tracking my Food: emoticon emoticon emoticon
Indigo Team: Core Workout: emoticon emoticon emoticon

Not a goal today, but add into tomorrow:

For the Indigo team:
Try a new or rarely eaten veggie. (Ive been STALLING ON THIS!! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you KNOW this is UNREAL hard for me, but hey, when we do what we DO NOT LIKE, we sometimes learn we DO like it after all. And no "LASTING" harm will come to me. emoticon emoticon
Dance by the light of the moon. Use link or find your own music.

for visiting and I LOVE the comments you all give!! U R GREAT !! TY TY TY

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