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Does belonging to a team really help with weight loss?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I'm on 2 teams. The AWESOME A team, which is a part of the 5% Challenge. It runs for 8 weeks at a time, during the breaks these teams now stay active (though not it's usual fashion, but most teams join an informal team and travel as one team) and I also belong to the INVINCIBLE Indigo team

Why do I belong to these teams? They are both competitive teams. Everything we do can help to advance a team, and it doesn't matter if we aren't up to doing a ton of exercise or not. Actually when I first joined the 5% back in Jan 2011 my exercise was 10 mins a day 3 times a week, and believe you me!! THAT WAS EXHAUSTING!! So if you are just starting out and are thinking "Oh they would NOT WANT ME!" You are not correct!! They DID Want me, enough so the next challenge on the 5% Challenge on the Spirited Under Dawg team, they even let me their ML (Motivational Leader)!! IMAGINE!! Someone who could barely MOVE being a LEADER!!! But, I've progressed a lot since 2011, but STILL I stay on the 5% Challenge and also joined the Biggest Loser Challenge!! WHY???

Here's a sample from week 1 of the 5% Challenge on the AWESOME A team:

On the AWESOME A team, we earn BADGES we can display in any form we want. If I worked in an office, I'd be printing these off weekly and hanging them up!! But, I work one on one with clients and though many know I am actually taking care of my health, I don't think they want to show off my badges on their fridge,, well ONE MIGHT!!! LOL She's a LIVELY gal!!! LOVE IT!!

My Badges and what they are for:

A weekish before the challenge started on the 5th and from the 5th until the 12th those of us on the AWESOME A team who visited other team member pages!!

And we are now in week 2 and SO here's my 2nd badge!!

For reporting my time before 11:59 PM on Monday for exercise in week and how many glasses of water I drank I EARNED MY AWESOME PILOT BADGE!! (on the 5% Challenge we have 12 teams that compete in landing their plane first so to help the AWESOME A team, we give ALL members who report by Monday at 11:59 A BADGE!! Each week they progress UP a level. Here's my week 1!!

If a team member reports at least 30 mins of exercise for 5 of the 7 days they earn a VERY AWESOME Badge!!

Here's MINE!!

We also have a STEP Tracker Challenge!! On this its up to each member to say how many average steps per day (keep track of each days steps add up from Sat thru Fri) and divide by 7). Some members are very healthy and can do 10,000 , 14,000 , 18,000 steps a day, some aren't. I'm not ,,, every time I try to increase my steps I break my left foot, so my goal has been to do 6000 steps.

BUT I did NOT make it,,,, HOWEVER this IS a goal for week 2 so PLEASE Stay tuned. There was really no reason for my not making it, I was well enough, just got distracted.

The last badge I got was for the LAST A STANDING Program. This is a 8 week challenge. Its simple, if you lose weight you advance to the next weeks level. If you gain you get 1 week for a grace, if you lose after that you are STILL IN THE GAME, but if you gain after a grace, Hey try again in the next challenge!! WOOHOO ALWAYS something to shoot for!!

So for week 1 I DID lose. Wasn't a lot, but it WAS a loss of 6 ozs. I'll take it!!

From the INDIGO Team a part of the Biggest Loser Challenge of which if you are interested on joining (The holiday season for many is coming up and we KNOW on an average one can gain easily 10 lbs, something to consider if you celebrate them,, I don't, but still I AM A FOODIE!) you sign up if you are not a current member thru the link below. PLEASE make SURE you post your intentions under the FORUM: General Team Discussion Forum look for the TOPIC: Waitlist for the Winter Challenge


By belonging to these 2 teams, I get SO MUCH SUPPORT!! So very very much!! I've also become the CL (Challenge Leader) of the AWESOME A team (HI to my former Dawggie teammates!! You are lovely!)and if you ever get the chance and you have the time, being a Leader gives you that much more of a boost!!

I am trying things I didn't know I liked (WATER!) and STRUGGLING with things I DO NOT LIKE (FREGGIES, FRuits/vEGGIES),,, and on both teams, I am challenged in ways I'd of NOT thought of! Or I am weak on (ST!).

I LOVE these teams. I've clearly benefited!!

So does it help to belong to a team? YES!!!

I live in Maine, we are expecting quite the storm tonight, with wind gusts up to 60 MPH. I am right on the harbor outside of Portland ME, they are saying power outages likely, but in my area, even if we go out I am in a city and so we are usually quickly up. I am hehehehe and hey if your area gets storms and you have a choice,,,, ask if where you are looking to move is either on the local hospital grid, fire department, police department !! I am on the Fire/Police grid. Plus where I live we have a generator, though it doesn't keep our lights/fridge on it does the heat (hey it's MAINE!) and also in the hallways and common areas, the electric sockets work, plus the full kitchen works and the TVs in the community rooms also work. In case cable goes down (VERY rare here) we have wall antenna's in case.

GRIN yeah, we do not hurt.

for visting
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