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October 16th~Midweek already

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Molly had a great day today..after she got in trouble! Did a little computer time this AM..then decided it was time for her to go out with me to do water tanks and such. Well we got to the front door and she bolted for the bedroom , put herself in her kennel. Well ..if that is where you wanna be..that is where you are going to stay. I latched the door, told her see ya later and went on about my business. It wasn't long before the Molly song started. Too bad..so sad..listen to me next time. She is at that "independent thinking" stage , and although she is smart..guess what Mum is smarter! So after an appropriate (in my mind ) time ..we again walked to the front door..and she did great! It is funny I can see the look in her eye when she is thinking of not listening to me, but I refuse to get in a wrestling match with a 70 lb dog. So it is a battle of the wits and wills.Only one can be leader and I chose that position for me!
I am thinking that my good rooster Mr CrowsALot might not make it thru this winter. He is an old boy and his age is showing. Think that rooster that has the "Made it thru the week" with feathers missing and looking rough and that is how Sir is. He has given up his spot at the top of the roost and is now on one of the lower rungs, so that tells me in the pecking order he has moved down several notches. I have a big fluffy butt hen that seems to be the head hen now.
Several of my girls, and Sir are rather old at least 9 or more years. I was browsing some pictures , then looked at the date and was like NO WAY! Yep how time flies when you are having fun!
I need to get my last of movements in..so off I go to wrap up my day.
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