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Was so uncomfy, but it WORKED!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I have my weeks goal to lose a lb (or very close to it, I've been losing ounces) and I am SO FOCUSED in on it this week!!

So today I knew I'd be going out to eat with a client (she loves to eat out, so do I. She has 3 main places she likes, but it can change). I was PREPARED today!! BUT!! Oh, I am NOT good at self control once I go to order.

So we walk in and I see something I've NOT seen on their ever changing menu (display, not many items change, but that display does) CHEESY TOTS and I simply ADORE Cheese in about ANY FORM, but especially melted!! Ohhhhh I was so very tempted!! But!! The calories were 310!! PHEW TY Maine for making it so any place that sells food and has over 10 stores etc, HAS to display the calories!! PHEW!! That Saved me!!

PLUS Hehehehe I had worn my TIGHTEST PANTS I own as a REMINDER of my goal for this week!!

I am SO GLAD I didn't wear any stretchy type of pants!! I have some nice ones for work, but I KNEW Today this would be my constant reminder to NOT order something I'd not planned on.

I ordered a cheeseburger and value onion rings with a diet soda. Total calories: 455. For the day I'll be in the middle range of my calorie allowance!! WOOHOO!!

Though the cheesy tots WOULD of tasted AWESOME, the way I feel as I go over this,,,is even BETTER!!

I LOVE this decision. I than took her grocery shopping. We go to a place that I don't usually go to. TO me it's a "gimmick" place. They drop prices down quite low on a FEW items that if you love junk food, oh that's GREAT!! But, their other prices are higher than where I usually go. Also where I go (Hannafords) guarantees their food (if it's their product, such as veggies, fruits, meat, fish, and any and many of their own product named brands) so it's going to be fresh, because who wants to double your money back if it's not??? It's why I shop there, and it's extremely rare I ever am not satisfied.

They had on sale, but today I WALKED PAST THEM!!! WOW!!


What was something you enjoyed about today? Can be anything.

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