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My Big Ten Day Craft Project

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Despite having a bum hand, my SIL insisted that I "help" her with a craft project. Translation..."Would you fix a Christmas decoration for me?" I tried avoiding it but for some reason she kept insisting. I caved into her request and ended up doing it. Here are pictures of my ten day project.

The project was an old faded sign that my SIL is inexplicably attached to. The wood around the edges had started to split and all of the colors had faded. It was not in good shape. I couldn't for the life of me understand the appeal but then, we all have items in our life that we are attached to for various reasons.

In the first picture, I was working on the white part and trying to fill in the split areas.

In the second picture, I applied the second coat of white paint and the first coat of the red and green paint.

In the third picture, I applied the second and third coats of red paint, the second coat of green paint and the third coat of white paint. I also gave Santa pink cheeks and made his left eye crinkle up at the corner. He looks more jolly that way!

In the fourth picture, I applied the first and second coats of black paint to the belt and boots. Then, I painstakingly did the lettering, outlining and touch up painting. Once the paint was dry and the touch ups were done, I applied glitter glue.

The Christmas sign is now dry and what I call "cured" so that nothing will smear. Hubby will take it to his sister on Wednesday, when he visits his sister. I can't go with him due to a doctor's appointment and my physical therapy appointment. I have determined that I need to become less of a "people pleaser" and even though I'm pretty good with crafts, I need to be more assertive, with saying no, in the future. This was a huge undertaking for me and made my hand ache for days. The big payoff for me is the end result. I'm so pleased that I could make something nice out of something old and falling apart. I realize that my SIL knows nothing at all about crafts and doesn't realize the time (and expense) involved in making them.
Hubby knows how long it took me because he watched me work on it. I think he was amazed at how it looked at the beginning vs the way it looks after I finished it. I've been blessed with many God given talents, music, crafts, photography, writing and working with kids. People don't realize that the gift from me is only my time. The rest comes from up above. (You may have to enlarge the pictures to see them clearly.)
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