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Day 309: Happy and Sad

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

"There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn't matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong." (Hindu proverb)

Hello, my lovely friends!

Well, it feels like forever since I sat down and typed out a blog for you all. As you know, last week we had company and was busy busy, but sadly it is over. Yesterday Cuinn flew home, BUT he did say that he was already planning out another trip sometime next year and he might bring someone with him. That means it’s either my sister or my other two nephews and we’re happy with any of them coming. YAY! I know he was here for five days, but whew that went by too fast. We did get to do a lot of things during this trip. When he was here in the summer it felt rushed and we were trying to cram so much in two days, but this time it didn’t feel rushed just went by fast.

On Halloween I decided to throw up a couple of decorations while my Mom and Cuinn went to the grocery store, it took all of fifteen minutes. I just wanted something out there for the kids because we’re always so decorated. I mentioned it was cold and I was shocked by how many kids came out, but the good thing was they all had heavy winter coats on. At first, we had Scooter behind a huge box and all he did was bark, but then he sat on my Mom’s lap all night and watched the kids come up to the door. Now we have a front room full of Halloween boxes and stuff. We’re going to take the stuff down today and start packing it up because I’m ready to bring up the Christmas. I have the coffee bar down, but now I’m looking for the Thanksgiving stuff I had to get that decorated.

The day after Halloween was our Country Christmas festival and that meant an early day for us. We normally have breakfast burritos that my Mom makes, but Cuinn is a very picky eater. So, we picked up breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts for him and McDonald's for us. He had a really good time and bought his mom a bell from the actress that plays ZuZu in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We also took a picture with Santa together. They have a lot of food vendors and Cuinn tried a few things that he normally never would have and liked them. He had Hawaiian cookies and bought some, whoo-hoo! He was shocked by how big it was and enjoyed it.

Then the crazy guy wanted to go to Super Target because they don’t have one near him. We also stopped by Spirit Halloween store and he got a pumpkin suit (jacket & pants all pumpkins) for next year. We didn’t have a chance to go to our Super Walmart to look at Halloween, but my Mom found some things at Target for next year. She even got Scooter a new Christmas sweater that says “Naughty” and then you rub it and it says “Nice”. That woman LOVES spoiling Scooter.

Sunday we went to see my Dad and let Cuinn talk with him for a while and then went down my grandparents’ house. My aunt and uncle gave him a card telling him how wonderful it is that he comes out to see his grandma. They also gave him a check for $4,000 to pay off his student loan. He was in shock by the jester from the two of them, but they had been planning on doing this for him for a year. They were just waiting for the cabin to sell. They told him that they’ve always been proud of him and his brothers for the way they treat others, conduct themselves as gentlemen and all the good they put out in the world that it needs to be rewarded. He didn’t want to take it, but they told him to just say “Thank You” for it. All three boys are special, but Cuinn has always been a standout with everything. That boy is so smart that he doesn’t even realize how smart he is. He’s been working two different jobs trying to pay off his student loan and has paid a lot of it off. He told me all he had left to pay on it was about $3,000 and now he has the money to pay it off and breathe.

Now he’s back home and it's sad here. Scooter was even looking for him when we came back from the airport. Scooter found a new BFF in Cuinn. He sat next to him all the time and was even in his lap at one point. Now Scoots is stuck with us again.

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