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Carol thinks I'm pregnant!

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Funny story: THE SET-UP:
Yesterday at coffee after exercise, I mentioned a strange phone message (very brief: "Mom, if you can't call me back right away, call Jane (DDIL)" in a gruff, choked voice) from my son John the night before, which had me VERY WORRIED as to what tragedy had befallen. Well, long story short, I called in order John(DS), Jane, and Jane's mom. Then I e-mailed John and he called me back. He had a cold (soooo....?) but everyone was fine (SOoooo....?)... and I didn't have to be worried (SSSSOOOOOOoooo...!!!?) Oh. Oh, he was just reminded that maybe I hadn't understood that there'd be no place for us to stay with them when we passed through Dallas on our way to my sister's house for Thanksgiving in a few weeks -- because they'd start remodeling in a few days.
NO, I remembered about the remodeling and we hadn't planned on staying with them... Oh, okay, that's all. He just didn't want us to be unpleasantly surprised... Sigh. And a huge relief. But you'd have to be a parent to understand why that message was panic-inducing!

ANYWAY... as I said, I talked about this phone call to the group. Bette, remembering that Jane is newly pregnant, asked me "How's the pregnancy going?" and I replied "Well, of course, it is still early. No new developments. So far so good!" And Carol's eyes got HUGE and she turned to Bette and gasped, "She's PREGNANT?!??!??!!!!!?"
Of course, everyone exploded with laughter and just about fell on the floor! And once we regained some control of ourselves, someone would snicker and the whole table would be set off again!
Once I was able to talk, I told Carol "NO, not ME-eee! JANE!"
"My son's wife! Whom I had just been talking about, when his message was 'If you can't call me back right away, call Jane'?"

Boy, Carol just did NOT follow that whole conversation! But c'mon, ME pregnant?!? I'm SO post-menopausal, I'm ROFLMAO!
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