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Setting Boundaries

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Thursday, November 07, 2019

A man’s home is his/her castle; a fortress, a haven set apart from noise and unrest. Our home is a place of retreat, where we feel safe and secure. I can let my hair down and on warm days, bask in the privacy of my backyard, listen to the birds and allow the warmth of the sun to caress my soul.

I value my treasures, and things I hold dear. I know the world is not as safe as it once was, therefore, we lock our doors, and draw the shades when day is done. I am free to choose who to open my door to.

See No Evil-Hear No Evil-Speak No Evil

We guard our words, as to not inure or insult anyone. Likewise, we watch what enters our mouth with food and drink, to safeguard our health. Our mind, while making wise choices is the gatekeeper of our heart and soul.

We are taught to not judge others, yet, we have the freedom to choose our friends and who we spend time with. Would we allow someone into our home to track mud on the clean floors?

We pick and choose the kinds of music we listen to, the movies we watch and the books we read. Do we listen to news that informs us or keeps us in turmoil? Money can buy a sophisticated security system, padlocks and safes, but do we safeguard our most valuable possesion: our heart and soul? That is the very core of our existence.

Do we allow others to traipse through our mind, imparting critical remarks, that we will have to work hard to forgive and forget? And worse, do we give them the keys to our heart and keep welcoming them back?

Life moves swiftly as a river racing toward the sea. I choose to leave peacefully and in a state of tranquility, so I guard my greatest asset: my heart and my soul.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!
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