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11/8/19 big day

Friday, November 08, 2019

It is a big day for me. I am OFF insulin today! We will see how it goes. So far so good. I couldn't cut back any more so next step is to get off of it completely. I will watch vigilantly and see how it goes. But I am doing great so far.

Backing up on a couple things I have spoke about. I had talked about getting rid of my clothes that don't fit and how I kept a few things because I won't have anything to wear! Well, I still kept the jeans that are too big. I honestly forgot about them or I would have got rid of those too. And I still haven't gone through the stuff in the attic or basement. But I opened my closet last night. I saw the shirts I kept. I only have hanging shirts at this point because I have gotten rid of so much stuff. I went through each shirt and if it was still too big I got rid of it. Including my favorite sweater. I will insert a picture. Why was I hanging onto it??? I just loved that sweater. I figured it out. When I was young I had a sweater that was almost identical. But it was probably a small or extra small and I loved that sweater. So I think I saw my old self in that sweater. Well, I got rid of it. Dropped it off. It is gone forever. And that is ok. It would never fit me now anyway. SUPER BIG!

No, I am not stretching that sweater and no it isn't stretched out either.
I had to admit and accept that it makes no sense to keep that sweater. So I got rid of it along with WAY more shirts that I kept. I didn't realize I kept so much. I am still in the process of chiseling away both at me and my clothes and shoes. I really do have next to nothing to wear.
Since I gave away a bunch more clothes, including my favorite sweater, I decided to look around in the thrift store for smaller things. I looked for boots, shirts, and coats. I found a size medium distressed leather jacket with a removable grey sweatshirt hood. It is a short jacket too! I would never wear a short anything except when I was young! I said oh it's a medium...that's not gonna fit. I tried it on. I got it on! I zipped zipped! I looked in the mirror and thought, HEY look at that! A couple more pounds and this wont look bad on me. And I fell in love with it and it was under $20. I got it. I deserve it! But boy oh boy do I need to work on wearing smaller sizes! I am so used to wearing baggy big clothes to hide my body. I don't need to do that any more. I need to get used to it. And know it is o.k.

Sigh, ok backing up yet again. I had been trying to get some home work outs done but because of these dogs we are taking care of I can't get them done. Well. I got my lower ab and leg and butt work out done last night! Yes a dog ended up on my head once and one layed down on me when I was doing my abs and another one kept trying to wrestle me when I was working my legs. But I got it done! Their daddy comes to visit tomorrow and talk about when he can take them back. Sweet dogs but they are not my dogs. Along with last nights work out, today I did an hour on the recumbent bike, 10 miles in an hour. I also walked to the bank and home that was about 20 blocks in 11 degree temperatures. It is sunny but cold which makes me walk faster! Need to fit weights in this weekend sometime and some more cardio.
I got cleaning and laundry to do. Along with other things. But it has already been a pretty productive day.

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