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Day 71 - Nov. 13, 2019

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

OMG, its so cold. Outside and inside.

I got my physical results. My thyroid medication needed to be increased. I also did some research and I have purchased some more supplements as the diet removes EVERYTHING I eat. I can’t make that drastic a change. I can do it slowly. I mean it removes everything, even corn… I got the Omega 3, pro-biotics and adrenal support supplements. I have been tested for Cortisol levels and my body does not think its stressed so maybe its under productive. We will see. I mean reducing my intake and increasing my activity level has done nothing. It has also been suggested I drink 5oz of red wine to help with the cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is not very high but she said it would help... Now I have another 125 calories to work off. I better get moving. Hashimoto's sucks!

I had trouble getting the truck started this morning. I’m glad I had Heet fuel additive this morning. The old the truck gets the more I have to use this fuel anti-freeze. I am thankful I had an additional bottle in the truck. I need to buy some more. NAPA has the cheapest at just under $2.00 a bottle. Amazon has it for Just under $10.00. I think I am driving one more exit tomorrow. They say to add it every tankful except when it hovers around 30 then its every other tankful. So very grateful I had a left over bottle. My truck is old and needs all the support it can get! I also noticed I need it more at certain stations.

Tonight is Strong by Zumba. I will need to make sure to cool down before I leave the gym. It's going to be 21 degrees F. I don't want to catch a cold. I had my flu shot but that won't stop a cold. I need to get the dreaded Mammogram and tetanus, pertussis and pneumonia shots, too, but after the flu shot and blood draw I decided to wait a week so I will have full use of my arms. I did am arm workout and man did that shot hurt!

I finished the Bone Ships by RJ Barker. Great book. Now I have the year long wait for the sequel. I'm reading The Starless Sea now and it's written beautifully. I'm only 56 pages into 494 so we will see how it plays out.
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