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Does Fitbit Harm As Well As Help?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

This morning I read an interesting article on this topic and am including the link. Wearing the FB all night exposes the body to radiation during that time. I enjoyed the basic FB for a long time, but got to the point where I wasn't counting a walk to be beneficial unless I knew the number of steps I'd walked. It was a good tool for awhile, but I didn't like being so dependent on it to validate the worth of my activity.


I'm about 70 percent finished with decorating and have a lot of time left to finish. As I wrote in last blog, it's not due to holiday spirit, but to honor my dearly departed relatives who gave me so many wonderful Christmases as a child. I feel very connected to them when I decorate.

Wishing all a wonderful day.

"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act." Truman Capote
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    With snow on the ground, it's looking more like Christmas here.
    29 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Never had a FitBit. Don't know if I'll get one.
    29 days ago
    When I first got my Fitbit, if I forgot to wear it I was in a tizzy. I felt like my steps were worthless if I wasn’t wearing the fit bit. Then when I used the elliptical or rode a bike, the FB didn’t track that activity. So eventually reason reigned and I stopped being so obsessed with the FB. Also found that while it tracks step and I am obsessed with the number, not sure it’s the same quality of steps, because they may not be aerobic steps. When I walk the dogs, I get steps in but my heart rate is not elevated.
    29 days ago
    Interesting article. I have the old Fitbit one and I really just use it to make me move.
    If I haven't used my goal of 10,000 steps,I run on the spot and that counts.
    I never really thought about the radiation. I don't wear it to bed.

    i wish I was more into decorating. iIam hopeless and always ask friends to help.
    29 days ago
    Interesting blog. I do not wear my activity tracker while I am sleeping. I do wear it all day long. I like being reminded to get up and move. And I set a personal goal of averaging at least 10,000 steps per day. It does remind me to move more. On the other hand, I put it away and leave at home when I am traveling.
    30 days ago
  • LSIG14
    Never gave a thought to radiation from my Fitbit - guess I really should do my research. I really do love mine (I just have the Zip which just counts steps like the old Spark Tracker) because I push to get over that magic number of steps every day!
    30 days ago
    i dont have a fitbit i wear a garmin same ting though I also have a pacemaker and I love to check my heart rate and sleep from time to time and my steps
    30 days ago
  • READY201811
    I don’t have a Fitbit. I know my 3.1 mile course and either try to beat my time or wear a good ole fashioned pedometer if I’m keeping track of my steps. We went to Frankenmuth for the day with my parents and she is ready to start giving away some of my grandparents decorations after this Christmas. Can never replace memories of important people that impacted my life. Know your kind of passion
    30 days ago
    Interesting article. I probably won't replace my fitbit once this one dies. I can't really see that it has made any real difference in my health. Yes, I have data I didn't have before, but having that data has made no significant impact on my life. It is just one more expensive toy that can easily turn into a time suck for me.
    30 days ago
    I read the article and found it interesting. I have been wearing a Fitbit for almost 10 years now. Don’t depend on it for motivation but like to see an estimate of my daily activity
    30 days ago
    30 days ago
    Hmmmm....maybe, maybe not.
    I probably won’t replace my olllld Fitbit one when it dies...not really any new info and I am beyond being motivated to move based on its numbers.
    I do wear it in my bra 24/7... emoticon
    30 days ago
    I been using a pedometer for a long time prior to getting fitbit because I was a runner. I've read a number of articles relating to potential problems with fitbit and other smart watches but it's like anything else. There are potential risks with many things we do. It's good to know what those risks are and how to protect yourself. While I don't sleep with my fitbit, it's more than just a pedometer and I love the device.
    30 days ago
  • ANIMAI27
    I know for me personally it does more harm. I have an eating disorder and numbers are a huge trigger for me. So I totally get this. I've read several articles saying they can be harmful.
    30 days ago
    Not ready to give up my Fitbit.
    30 days ago
    I think that Fitbit probably does harm as well as help. According to some experts, especially overseas, you should not have any electronic devices of any kind in your bedroom. Yet, most people sleep with a cell phone by their bed or in it. And they wear it on their body everyday. And they often wear a Fitbit too or another similar device. Fitbits are motivating for some people, especially people who are very competitive. Mine never has motivated me and when I have checked it's accuracy for steps and sleep I was disappointed. If you wear one on your wrist it counts upper body movement, I you wear it on your ankle it counts steps. I do wear it because it has an accurate watch in it. It has the date. It reminds me to not sit too long. I like knowing my heart rate. I know somewhat how much I have moved in a day.

    I love decorating but then I would as that was one of my first jobs - working as an interior decorator. It combines elements of creativity, order, beauty, nest building, etc.
    30 days ago
    I don't wear my Fitbit at night!

    30 days ago
    I never have had a fitbit. I use a downloaded app on my phone. Its worked for me.
    30 days ago
    I followed your link with interest. I'm a long time fitbit user. Interesting. I'm not going to stop using mine. But interesting to see a different perspective.
    30 days ago
    When I had the basic Fitbit, I kept it in my pocket as I wasn't able to do up the clasp. The new one I have is like a watch, so I can put it on my wrist -but it leaves a mark behind and I am not happy with it. I think the original was more accurate as I used it (tested against a GPS watch) Air Miles has the more simpler one again which I will get when this one dies. For me its use is good in that it gives me the hourly reminders to move so I don't sit too long. Other than reaching a basic daily step goal, I don't pay much attention to the steps or mileage. I did like the sleep tracking function, but I already know I get little sleep and what I do get is poor quality.
    30 days ago
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