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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 104 of Doing the New: 40 days of Christmas activities starts!

Friday, November 15, 2019

40 days until Christmas!

For years I didn't like the holiday season. A few years ago, I was able to unlocked why thanks to a counselor. A rounds that same time I watched the Christmas Hallmark movie, 'Let It Snow' which was made in 2013. It became my 1st favorite Hallmark Christmas movie. (I only have 4 that are my favorites) I liked that Stephanie in the movie rediscovered the magic of Christmas. I too was ready like Stephanie to rediscover the magic of Christmas. In the movie, Snow Valley Lodge, where the movie takes place, is fully booked from the first night of Advent to the 12th night of Christmas which is 40 days before Christmas until 12 days after Christmas. That's 52 days with 1 Christmas event on each one of them. That blew my mind! I grew up with a mom who would not let me do anything Christmas related until December 1. The more I thought about that movie the next few months, the more I wondered what that would be like. In the movie the wife made Christmas foods from all over the world and their events included Christmas traditions from all over the world. So that year I tried to do something Christmas related all 52 days as well on a much small scale of course. I watched Christmas movies for ideas,I used pinterest, and I thought back to things I had done in the past that I enjoyed doing. To be honestly that was the best Christmas I had in years!

Someone suggest I do that this year. I am unsure if there is 40 simple holiday activities I haven't done yet but maybe there is a few activities I am willing to try and maybe there are some activities I have done that I can do a bit differently.

So, here it goes...Day 104 of doing the new and 40 days until Christmas count down:
*I watched the movie "Let it Snow' which I taped yesterday from Hallmark.
*I started to take out my Christmas decor.
*My new: I took this idea from the Christmas Hallmark movie 'Christmas Camp' which was made in 2019 . At Christmas Camp, Hayley had to check off activities of her list to get her certificate for work. Her first day's activity there she had to write down her Christmas Wish to check off 'Be Merry'. I wrote down my Christmas Wish which I've never heard of doing before!

Onward to Day 105 of doing the new and 39 days until Christmas count down activity!
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