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Never Take My Health for Granted!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a complainer lately. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather with some congestion, sore throat, headache and fatigue, either from allergies or a cold. Plus, I have had left shoulder pain since early September that hasn’t been diagnosed yet, besides that it has developed into a frozen shoulder with very limited range of motion. This morning I finally had the MRI that was denied by my insurance company a month ago when my PCP ordered it for me. I had to first try other things like getting an X-ray, PT and/or a steroid shot. Well, the steroid shot and pills have not helped, and the orthopedic dr has not sent me to physical therapy yet till we see if I have a tear in the rotator cuff. I am thinking I may need surgery like I had with my right shoulder three years ago. I admit to being cranky from the radiating pain I have every day when I use that arm, whether it be reaching up to try to put dishes away, lifting something, putting on a bra or shirt or pulling up my pants, for example. I am frustrated that I can’t do a lot of my regular retirement activities like golf and working out at the gym. BUT, then I think that I need to suck it up and be grateful - it could be so much worse, and this is really minor “stuff.” My breast cancer two years ago was much more serious, and I am grateful every day that it was caught early and I only needed radiation. My latest blood work was excellent and my blood pressure has always been good. I have kept off the 25 pounds I lost the last year and am now 5 pounds to my goal weight! I need to remember to always keep things in perspective and look at my blessings!

So my cold/allergies, arthritis, and shoulder challenges are not such a big deal! Yeah, it’s okay to complain once in awhile. But every morning I wake up with the aches and pains, I will try very hard to remember NEVER to take my good health for granted!
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