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Is It A Plateau?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm on a plateau because I've been bouncing around the same fiveish pounds for the past three or so months now. I will go from 168-173 just up and down over and over, back and forth and never get past those numbers so trying to devise a plan to start losing weight again. Especially with the holidays starting up. I'm happy that I've been able to basically maintain my weight these past few months by just bouncing up and down these same fiveish pounds, but I want to move past 25 pounds lost and start working on 50 pounds. I'm actually getting in the holiday mood now that I've bought all of Fritzy's Christmas presents. I ordered them this morning. I wasn't able to get him as many presents as I normally do but I think I got him some nice ones!! I got him some video games, some minifigures, some Yo-Kai watch medallions, some Legos, and a Team Fortress t-shirt. I also got a new Fitbit charger and some new wristbands for my Fitbit for myself as a reward for trying to be healthier. I thought it might encourage me to be more fit if I could track my steps again. I have noticed I have been much more active lately and I've been curious about how many steps I've been getting and about how many fitness minutes I've been getting. I'm looking forward to Christmas though; Fritzy and I are going to put up a tree in our little apartment and have our own little Christmas. I have also been going through all our clothes and doing a lot of laundry and found out we have a lot of clothes that I didn't realize we had. I had thought all our clothes were too small and while there were a lot of Fritzy's clothes that I had to throw away and a lot of my clothes that I had to put in storage, there were still a lot of clothes that fit us right now! So that was a nice surprise. I am also fitting a lot of clothes now that I didn't before since I lost 25 lbs. I am also noticing that my figure is getting a lot slimmer even if I am not losing weight right now.

Although! I am seeing some strange figures this morning. My weight went up to 271.6 which could clearly be some bloat and my body fat is 49.4% which is higher than it's ever been before! Not sure what caused such a jump. Not sure if this reading is correct or not or what caused the jump. Also had a huge jump in visceral fat from 11 to 14 and a huge dip in BMR from 2150 to 1850. Also muscle mass fell from 134.2 to 129.8. So I'm going to give this a couple of days and see if it changes or if something is going on here.

Also, I have been exercising. I did some chair exercises this morning and worked with a resistance band. The exercises showed me that I have actually been in quite a bit of pain in my ankles, legs, hips. I kind of knew this already as I have been doing a lot of work around the house lately and have been in quite a bit of pain so I've been relying on my naproxen quite a bit. One of the reasons I'm surprised I haven't been losing weight is because I've been so active. I've pretty much stayed the same with calories over the past few weeks but I've been more active so I had expected to start losing weight again although I haven't yet. I've added in actual exercise, though, and although it's in a chair, I know it worked for me before. If nothing else it will start toning me up. Wyatt is pretty interested in my workouts. Every time he comes over he plays with my weights and asks me about my workouts. I think he's interested in my weight loss because so far I've done pretty well and look pretty good compared to five months ago when he met me. But I am proud of the fact that I am exercising again and even though it's a bit of a challenge right now I am enjoying getting back into the swing of it and I have always liked exercising even if I can't do the kind of exercise that I used to be able to do and am not able to do the kind of exercise that he does!!

With nutrition I'm never quite as good as I am with fitness. I have been working on it and I have been working on eating healthier foods. I don't eat much sugar and am always trying to lower my sugar as much as I can because sugar makes me break out and I've finally gotten my skin looking nice so I don't want to ruin that and I also don't want diabetes. So I don't eat a whole lot of sweets and try to look for things that are low in sugar. I'm working on trying to lower my calories and I don't have as much trouble with binge eating these days, eat much smaller portions, but my liquid calories seem to add up. That's one thing I need to really work on.

Drinking water is something I really need to get back to doing, especially seeing as liquid calories is one of my problems. If I drank more water it would save me a lot of calories. One reason I think I drink a lot of my calories is because my wellbutrin makes me really thirsty so I always want something to drink. So I need to reach for water instead of something else. Drinking kool-aid has been helping as it's got much less sugar and calories than milk or soda, but water would be best.

I'm doing better with smoking less. I'm working my way towards quitting, although Wyatt has figured out a way to roll cigarettes by taking the tobacco out of the cigarette butts and pouring them into rolling papers, cutting up the old filters of the used cigarettes and then making new cigarettes. So you can see what one will do to have a cigarette when they need one. Although I am smoking less these days and plan to start saving my few little dollars for Fritzy and me to go shopping with as I want to buy earrings and makeup and so he can buy toys.

I have also been meditating again. I am feeling more mindful these days. I have all my meditation books again and have been getting things organized in my room. I feel like I am getting on track with everything and that I will be able to start making some headway with things again. I am going to start studying the dhamma every day again and trying to meditate daily.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Keep Sparking! emoticon
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  • KAYDE53
    emoticon emoticon
    22 days ago
    All in all sounds like good progress! Great!
    22 days ago
    You are great to have the christmas shopping done. Have a great week!
    22 days ago
    When my hubby quit smoking a long time ago, we took the money that he would have spent on a carton of cigarettes and went and bought him an item of clothing. After a few weeks of doing this, he could see how much more he could have instead of burning up his hard earned money.
    At today's prices we could actually buy a weeks groceries.

    When I quit before him, my doctor told me to put all the money I would use for cigarettes in a jar and at the end of the month count it and see how much I was wasting. I couldn't believe it and I was not a heavy smoker (about 5 a day) I definitely felt the difference in my body too.
    22 days ago
    It must be such a nice feeling to know that you have Fritz's Christmas presents ordered. I plan to start my shopping next week. We did pick up a few tree ornaments.....only because we gave all of all old decorations to our daughter when she got her own house. Now that we have a baby again, we feel we should put up a tree. Glad to know that you are getting your Fitbit working again. You have motivated me to fish mine out again. Hope I remember how to hook it up to the computer!
    22 days ago
  • LINDA058
    22 days ago
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