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Believe: It's Everywhere!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Since selecting my 2020 word (believe) it is showing up everywhere. The sermon this morning was totally about trusting what is written in the scriptures and using "believe" as a verb based on the knowledge it is true. If that message didn't just land right in the middle of the ladies study lessons I've been working through.... On this subject, here's my day 3 accountability photo.

Used time between worship and football to get it done today.

Football's early game that was on was a blowout (Ravens/Texans) and I actually fell asleep during the first half. They finally switched over to a more intense game in the 4th quarter thankfully. For the afternoon my choices are Patriots/Eagles or 49ers/Cardinals, so I chose the first pairing. A good choice so far and I would enjoy seeing the Eagles take the win.

For the 5% challenge this week we are asked to work on something that we would like become a habit and I chose eating a green salad at least once each day. Great timing for this challenge as I'm giving my breakfast and lunch choices an overhaul.

I haven't set up the jigsaw puzzle yet and will probably just wait until tomorrow as I've got some other busy work I can do while finishing up football and watching 007.

Maegann update: She officially resigned her job last night. The Asst. Regional Manager had done all he could to make things better for her, but unfortunately this Regional and the Shift Managers are very tight and if the SM decides they want to blackball someone, the RM doesn't care. She will be writing a letter to the management above the RM just so it is their record. The SM totally fabricated two write-ups (one Friday and one Saturday) and then last night all the crew members started joking about it and making fun of her and this is something they should have had zero knowledge about. That was the last straw. She isn't going back either. I'm thankful she won't have a job with such late hours and that she earned enough for her Caper trip. If she wants to keep saving for the NYC one, she can find another job. Maybe retail this time? Unfortunately most of those places want you to be 18.

Isaac update: He's at peace with his decision to not participate in the basketball tryouts at school. Today he went out for a short time to play basketball and came in stating his legs were just more painful than before. We told him to take ibuprofen and get off of them for a time. The other day he told us that "the short guys have no clue how much this hurts since they aren't growing like this". Good logic.

House update: Tomorrow is the electrical inspection and then Tim will call in for the.... drum roll please.... FINAL INSPECTION. Still lots of work to do with flooring and things like that, but it's safe and liveable! The next planned project is setting the new water heater in the garage and removing the one that is housed in a closet right off the dining area currently. We will turn it into another functioning closet although more like a pantry.

Doggie update: The fix to the north gate has managed to keep Auggie in the back yard once again. He still goes out looking for that loose black dog, but he's beginning to calm down this evening. Whew! Ellsworth is doing better with pain meds and we will be switching him off the Rimadyl to Gallaprant. Better for the internal organs, but helps with the arthritis.

Knee update: Not nearly as stiff and painful today, but I'm resting it and keeping the Deep Blue oil flowing. Tomorrow I plan to try and get two sessions of my PT exercises going each day or at least every other. Hopefully with the nutrition overhaul and this addition I'll see a difference.

emoticon straighten up the kitchen/dining room
emoticon paid work emails and see what is needed, if anything
emoticon Bible study & planner time
emoticon salad lunch
emoticon PT stretches
emoticon supper prep
emoticon jigsaw puzzle
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