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Didn't Feel Like a Tuesday

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I was able to get my list completed for the day, but it didn't get done in the organized order that I'd planned. The first thing that happened was an adult client emergency so I was making phone calls and sending emails. Was thankful to reach the individual that needed to deal with it all so my part could be finished. Since I was already at the computer I went ahead and made my phone calls for appointments and updating our family calendar. Then I was on hold for an online live chat for way too long so I got much of my personal emails and Spark emails finished up.

Second change of plans came as I went to let the dogs back inside and Auggie was nowhere to be found. I found a couple of holes he had dug though and one gave him access to the front yard. Thankfully he was out front waiting for me when I called his name. Whew! But, I did see the dog causing the trouble.

I called the dog control dispatcher as this makes it a solid week this dog has been on the loose. Didn't see it this afternoon so hopefully they were able to get her and find her owner.

Finally I was able to get back to my planned first project.

I enjoyed lunch while I worked through the scriptures, etc.

I was then ready for my scheduled free time, but first I got another load of firewood for tonight and cleaned out the ashes from the fireplace. Then I set up the table for the next jigsaw puzzle. It's going to be interesting as the pieces have no set shapes and even several on the border just sit next to each other.

I'll get a photo tomorrow, but so far I have the border and the 3 candles with wreath at the bottom done. Spent most of my time just sorting pieces by colors.

Maegann left around noon as she was babysitting for a friend she'd made when working at the care center. She has four kids, but only two were there until about 3:30 when they got back from school.

Looks like they were having fun. Afterwards, she went over to Chris's place to meet his roommate and her 3 year old son. They ended up watching The Lion King (original) and then she headed home.

Tonight is another 007 movie (the Living Daylights) while the fire warms us up.

1. Ladies Bible study
2. Lunch
3. Renew My Faith
4. Whatever I want!
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