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SOmetimes You Just Have to ride that Goat

Friday, November 22, 2019

Have you ever had one of those days when you wondered why you even bothered to get out of bed? Where everything seems to go astray? I had one of those the other day. I wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere like my grandson in that photo, when he was at the Nashville Zoo years ago. Just peek my head out and say is it safe to come out yet?
It all began at breakfast, when I spilled my glass of water all over the table and floor. I bumped my knee into the coffee table. I burned the roasted brussel sprouts. My grand dog sat on my sore toe. I tried to get online to refill my prescription and it just kept spinning around saying searching. So I called the toll free number and it was a talk into the phone situation, which apparently I am hard to understand and it did not go well. I kept laughing at what the robot repeated to me thinking that is what I said. Then she would say I am sorry I did not understand, because I was laughing.
When I brought the mail in I found 2 Thanksgiving Day cards I had mailed the day before and I could not figure out why they were returned. They were both addressed properly. Guess what, instead of looking at the FRONT of the envelope, they looked at the return address on the BACK of the envelope.

At the same zoo visit posted above , my grandson decided had had enough walking. He saw a goat laying down and decided to ride the goat. SOme days I just get tired of all that seems to go wrong and just need to ride a goat.

Those days seem to put obstacles where ever I put my hand and foot.

After a while I have to take a step back and laugh. I find the humor in all of those wrong turns. I look for a positive spin. It is up to me to have a disastrous day or a day filled with humor. I chose happy every time. Life is too short. SO I am going to ride that goat.
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