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Stomach Bug is still in charge

Saturday, November 30, 2019

I did have some plans for the day and I did the best I could with the low energy that was mine to enjoy. What I did accomplish was 3 loads of laundry (2 more to go but the water got shut off for construction), a trip to the bank, my work space cleaned off and dealt with and the one and only "must do" client plan revisions. While working at my desk I enjoyed a movie called Naughty & Nice on Hallmark. I had seen it last year and it didn't disappoint again today.

I also tested the waters regarding food and it was about 50/50 in how that went after a few hours. Getting there, but tonight I'm back on saltines, Sprite and water. Dehydration level is lessening so that's a huge win for me!

Tim's project today was to get the water heater moved from the center of the "old" house and hook up the newer water heater in the garage. He is almost finished (8pm) and it's good for the night other than one thing to fix up tomorrow. Was nice that Jeff came over mid afternoon and was able to help with draining the old tank and some other little things that went with the project. I only lost access to the washer about 5pm so I was okay knowing I could finish that up tomorrow during football.

Isaac went to the first of the basketball games at the high school mid-afternoon and I am so proud of him for going to support his friends. It was very hard for him as he wants to play so badly, but with his growth "injury" he knew rest was the better option especially with his not-so-great relationship with the varsity coach. He said the best team was the one that had a different coach and that surprised him as he knows how good most of the Sophomore/Junior players actually are as he's played with them for several years. Good lesson on how a coach can make or break a team.

About 6pm Maegann and Jeff headed out to walk the Caldwell Village for the Christmas lights.

Came home about two hours later and they both fell asleep.

Her long day from school after not getting to sleep well. I know he said he'd been up since early too so the warmth of the fire, the quiet, the fatigue and the calm of togetherness took its turn.

We had some "fun" last night with the new "ex" guy as he showed up on our doorstep about 8:30pm to discuss things. He got to discuss things, but not with Maegann. With her dad. It was interesting that he saw it as "how whites behave" instead of it being on a personal level between two people. Tim tried to discuss that, but it came down to how Chris views racism and how we view racism. Maegann had told us some things he had said over the few weeks they were getting to know each other and she knew it wouldn't ever go further than friends and she was confirmed.

Something exciting is that this time next Saturday Maegann and I will have spent most of the day in Seattle! The countdown is on!

Tomorrow will be worship and football. I am also hopeful I can actually enjoy a Thanksgiving plate for lunch with caution.

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    I do hope this bug lets up on you....enough already!!!! My nephews kiddo has the same ick. O, the racism thing. I, being a white, who I guess I never have seen human flesh, have had many a go round with people. My first boyfriend, was black, mind you 2nd grade (mid 50's). He would eat dandelion flowers because he believed they would make him white so he could be my boyfriend. The principal of the school had him as my partner, in the dance program, because he knew that my parents would be o.k with it while other parents would not. A few years ago I dated a man who proclaimed he didn't have a racist bone in his body. HA, protesteth too much. Playing a lawn game, at a party, he said "I don't want to play with her she's jewish." Needless to say that was our last date. It's hard in our world.

    emoticon Get well
    49 days ago
    Janet, very sorry for such a bug giving you problems. I hope you will emoticon and recover your normal energy. So happy with the outcome of your DD's relationships. Wonderful photos! Have a happy and peaceful Sunday!
    49 days ago

    Now, I have the bug that you're getting over and it isn't pleasant!!!! I am laying low today and perhaps tomorrow I can venture out to get a waxing but nothing else. Then on Tuesday I have an appointment at the VA Hospital at 4:30 pm for my Move class and I should, I pray, be okay by then.

    I have been told that this is how whites behave and I let it go in one ear and out the other. I grew up in the military and then went into the military myself and I don't see color as Cheri said but I see friends and that's it!!! It's such a shame when people use that as a cop-out because they don't know any better and that's how they were raised. It's so hard to overcome how you were raised but it can be done and I am proof of that!!!

    Woo Hoo!!!! You and Maegann are having your girl time together shortly and I would love to be a fly on the wall with this FUN time that I know will happen.

    BRAVO for Tim and Jeff getting the water heater situation taken care of last night and BRAVO for Isaac learning several VALUABLE lessons from going to support his team last night!!!!


    - Nancy Jean -
    49 days ago
    I'm glad that you are feeling better Janet. I can't believe that your trip is next weekend. It should be a great time!

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!
    49 days ago
    How whites behave? I think it is probably best he is now an ex. We spent 33 years in the military with all different races and I speak 15 languages.Noone has ever told me I behave "how whites behave" You should see friends not colours.
    50 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    I'm finding that it is best to just take it slow. Darn bug! I still know I have not been as sick as you, but it's still hanging on here.

    I'm so glad that the ex thing was figured out before it was too late. The youngsters are sweet together.
    50 days ago
    50 days ago
    Keeping you & yours in prayer
    50 days ago
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