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Peace day

Monday, December 02, 2019

I am sharing this from a knitting blog’. I will update each day

This year has been like no other for me thus far… I’ve learned more about the world and history and politics and racism and the broken food system and this precarious place we find ourselves with an extremely bleak forecast for the future than ever before. Yet, it’s also a year I’ve learned more about peace from a personal and academic perspective, met the most inspiring people, had the opportunity to visit new as well as familiar places, and how to have hope in these tumultuous times.

Blending the lessons learned from this past year is what I aim to carry forward in the next 21 days. I’ve read incredible books this year and I can’t wait to share… because they are about food and nature and peace and hope!

So, let’s talk peace.

What exactly is the meaning of this word?

Is it a state of mind?

A physical sense?

Can you see it?

Feel it?

Be it?

These are questions for each one of us to answer. And while the best definition of peace eludes me, I know that the only way to peace is to intentionally choose peace each day. I suppose that brings me back to the initial quote… the more I focus on peace, learn about it, study it, work to embrace it, I become aware of all the ways I fall short of choosing peace. And there again, the quote at the beginning rings true.

If we wait to be perfect, the model of peace, before we begin talking about what peace means, nothing will get done.

Peace is a journey, a process…

Today begins our intentional focus on peace with simplicity… just to “be” during this busy time. For me, this month is truly about slowing down, reclaiming December as one for quiet, still mornings, connecting with family and nature, embracing the darkness with appreciation for the need to rest and renew.

Daily peace tip #1

At a recent conference (on peace), one of the keynote speakers talked about her daily gratitude practice… each week for a year, she wrote down three words to capture the essence of that week and then drew a simple corresponding doodle. If interested, why not try this during our peace-along? Whether you choose to keep a notebook/journal/sketchbook or even just a piece of paper by your bed. Why not write down three words that capture your day.
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