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12/2/19 INCONTINENCE after surgery...

Monday, December 02, 2019

UPDATE... 12/2/19 INCONTINENCE after surgery.....

emoticon in·con·ti·nence
Learn to pronounce
lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation.
"causes of urinary incontinence"
lack of self-restraint.
"the emotional incontinence of modern society"

emoticon After surgery of this type (anal gland removal in dogs) it is NORMAL for the dogs to experience incontinence of bowel movement... this should last a week to ten days per the Surgeon. REASON: The anal area experiences a TEMPORARY PARALYSIS of the muscles that move to help a dog poop. And with paralysis of anal muscles = that results in involuntary continence.

emoticon 12/03/19 update:
REMEMBER: After a dog eats food... it takes 30 min to 8 hrs to defecate.
so rather than feeding tiny portions of food thru out the day (as I was doing for my dogs so they wont strain their stitches in that area ... feeding tiny portions resulted in tiny desires to poop thru out the day and that resulted in the POODLE's TREMBLING of his body trying to control the urge to poop and whinning and trying to lick the anal area, poor baby ...

emoticon ** TO elevate my baby's all day struggle and STRESS of trying to control the poop = I will be feeding ONCE per day to help normalize the body's desire to poop and then WALK the dogs outside as movement (exercise) and smelling other dogs in the grass HELPS my dogs to be inspire to poop. That is what I will be doing today Tuesday 12/03/19 after seeing and feeling my dog's body TREMBLE trying to control an involuntary incontinence, poor baby. so I am praying feeding them ONCE per day will help normalize poop time or the lessen the FREQUENCY of the desire to poop in my poodle. (My terrier is behaving like he never had surgery... his recovery time was quick. he is not completely healed yet as it takes 14 days to heal but at least he is NOT going thru trembling and discomfort)

I learned from my surgeon and watching it is me or the dog videos from the trainer that dogs NEED consistency in feeding time AND walking time.

Surgery date: 11/30/19 = day after Thanksgiving

I experienced the incontinence TODAY 12/2/19 with the poodle.... poor baby.
The Terrier pooped outside in the park earlier today along with the poodle but I guess the poodle had MORE to do later in the day.

The Surgeon explained the dogs will have NO ABILITY to hold bowel movement until they are both completely HEALED from surgery and the dogs will not know what is going on of WHY they cannot control their pooping ... poor babies... My poodle was whimmpering when it happened to him like... sorry mom I cant hold it. and he cannot hold it.. it comes out involuntarily.

I cleaned him up and hugged and kissed him and changed the bedding with clean soft plush bedding while I laundered the other ones. He is asleep now, poor baby.

needless to say there was SEVERAL laundry loads done today with disinfectant, and dawn liquid and detergent and BLEACH . It was small poop accident but STILL it was poop... liquid poop... therefore bedding was watched several times today.

but still happy the anal glands were removed in BOTH dogs ... now my babies wont be experiencing any pain any more with having to have the anal gland emptied EACH month.... lawrd.

poodle is sleeping now while I am washing his bedding .... terrier is watching tv

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LINDA!
    They are so cute.
    413 days ago
    Hope the recovery time goes by quickly for both the dogs' and your own benefit.
    413 days ago
    Awwwww, you are such a good fur Mom. Yes, thesee fur babies just want to make us happy and they sense when something is of and don't want to like incontinence. Hope this passes soon for y'all.

    HUGS and healing vibes for the fur babies.
    413 days ago
    You take such good care of your babies. Hope they are all better very soon. emoticon
    413 days ago
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