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The Water Gods

Monday, December 02, 2019

Suffice to say it hasn't been the most successful few days here at Base Camp.  Nor was it The Worker Friend[?]s finest hour.  I mentioned all he did Thursday was swap a couple of cabinet doors over.  "You'l have to tell me where you want the remaining wall cabinets" he said Thursday night.  "Well there's only two wall cabinets plus the oven hood so I reckon sort out the hood then we can figure out the rest" I said.  He looked confused so I said "sort out the hood over the oven and we'll take it from there''.  

Late Friday morning after he'd done sweet FA in terms of the house, he said "You'l have to tell me where you want the remaining wall cabinets".  I thought we'd had this conversation but I replied, "Well there's only two wall cabinets plus the oven hood so I reckon sort out the hood then we can figure out the rest" .  He mooched around a bit with his tape measure.  Some time later he said "you'll have to tell me where you want the remaining wall cabinets............".  OK listen, the thing with fitting a second hand kitchen in is it takes some jiggling.  I can't figure out where to put the two remaining wall units until I know what space there is once the hood has been put over the oven.  Finally he admitted he wasn't sure how to fit the hood, didn't have the tools blah blah blah.
So my brain switches.  What can he usefully do this visit?  Within minutes I came up with an alternative plan.  Plus the order he should do things in.  "Why....." he asks.  "Just get on with it".  One of the very first things was to run a spur off an electrical socket - which I know from experience he's more than capable of doing.  So that's what he did Friday afternoon.  Just as he's putting the skirting board back on, he drills through the mains water pipe.  In fairness it could have happened to anyone. Damn pipe was buried behind concrete.  Water p!ssing out everywhere.  Wherever I live, I make sure I know where the fuse board is, where to turn off the gas, and where the damn stopcock is.  So I switched off the stopcock but the water kept gushing.  He'd drilled the pipe beyond the stopcock.  After running around like a headless chicken for a while, he found where to switch off the water at the mains.  Amazingly here there's a turn off point for each house so it didn't affect any of my neighbours.  But there we were - no water.  In fairness, he did go out and buy bottled water.

So the weekend went on.  Saturday morning I rang my insurers to find out if I was covered.  Seemingly so.  They said they'd arrange an emergency plumber.  Yeah right..  He turned up late Sunday afternoon and talked a load of sh!t about trace and access blah blah blah.  Truth was he didn't wan't to do the job 'cos it could have been a long one.  I don't entirely blame him but that didn't exactly help me.  Called the Insurance Company again this morning and they said they'd send an assessor out but meanwhile I should arrange a plumber to do the work........

Assessor arrives and does his stuff.  Meanwhile I'd called Robert [plumber] and he pitched up.  Here at the same time as the assessor by chance.  I don't know what the assessor will say in his report.  I do know it's a genuine claim that should be covered. Robert sorted it out and I have running water again.  Hurrah!  So here's a moral to the story - when you find good tradespeople, treat them well.  Offer them tea/coffee.  Chat to them like er, people 'cos amazingly enough, they are.  And pay their bills promptly.  After all, they have to live too.  Look after them and they'll look after you.  

Meanwhile,do me a favour my Sparkly fiends - give a little offering to the Water Gods on my behalf.  Get 'em off my back!

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I send you even more patience, ‘cos yours must be wearing really thin...
    24 days ago
    Since DH worker, we respect, feed and tip.
    Nothing though on water deites
    55 days ago
    can you ever catch a break? glad you got it fixed
    56 days ago
    Oh, bloody H3LL! I feel so cross on your behalf... enough is enough already. I don't know how you maintain your good humour.
    I have been wracking my brains for a suitable offering to the water God's (of which there are MANY) for weeks now... did a lot of reading and this seems to be the most relevant: "It is more of a friendship or working relationship. To give an offering to a god or ancestor is simply like making an exchange or a deal. “I’m giving you this in exchange for that..... Offerings to aquatic deities are generally thrown into water.” So wreaths/garlands, bread shaped in the likeness of an animal, (as long as it's biodegradable) thrown into the nearest body of water as an offering might not hurt. Ganga (Hindu, her themes are cleansing, health and mercy) – the personification of the most sacred river in India, the Ganges, has the power to cleanse away bad karma is very fond (or so I'm told) of fruit and flowers, and the colour yellow. Offerings concerned with hearth and home are generally consumable in nature.

    I, myself have not been above splashing around a bunch of blessed water, smudging with sweet grass (smells so nice and makes me feel like the bad humors are cleaned away), and burying the odd saint statue or two in the garden... and I'm doing all I can for you from here... perhaps some direct intervention on your part might help!
    56 days ago
    OH heavens! It just has not been a smooth journey for you has it.
    56 days ago
    Wow sounds like you had a overwhelming time, glad things are getting figured out, and yes treat those people who know what they're doing good, since they have to usually fix someone else's blunder.
    56 days ago
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