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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

I had Thursday and Friday off, came in 3 hours on Saturday and had from 12pm Saturday to Tuesday (today) morning off. It was a mini vacation, although we stayed relatively busy. Thursday was cooking and movies. I was up early so we were able to eat by 1pm. I stuck to veg and meat, but had to have my gravy. Everything turned out good. And no desserts this year was just fine, we didn't miss them at all. The movie we picked was 3.5 hours so half way we stopped it for a turkey nap. When I woke up Tim had cleaned the kitchen....his method for only saving what fit in the container he picked proved to be good because even though he tossed a bit, we still have leftovers in the fridge!!!! All that food for two people was a lot.We finished the never ending movie and sipped hot cider before bed. It was a very peaceful, yummy day. Friday we woke up and went to the storage unit. We filled the Jeep and left a broom and one last load. Everything fit perfectly into our outside storage. I was pleased!!!! Emptying the storage unit really transformed my apartment. I have my beautiful hutch and matching hardwood table back. I have a new-to-us couch the we found....looks brand new and my old, falling apart couch is gone!!!! Yay!!! We came home to leftovers, more movies and then later we went to the gym. I water jogged and swam laps, then spent a half hour in the jacuzzi, it was nice. Saturday was work and rest. Sunday was grocery shopping, Tim went to yoga while I shopped. I made a big pot of yummy ham and beans with the leftover ham. So good!!!! Monday Tim was still off so we finished the storage unit and cleaned it. Officially out and we got rid of so much that our apartment is not overflowing!!!!! Yay!!!!! In fact, as we speak, nothing is stacked in corners or against walls and everything just fits perfectly, and we saved 100 bucks a month. After we finished the storage we came home, had lunch and I started the laundry AND it wasn't raining!!! We need the rain, but not when I'm doing laundry (I use the complexes laundry facilities and have a good walk to get to and from the machines.....often in the rain this time of year.) I finished the laundry and we went to the gym. I had a water aerobics class. Came home to a nice warm bowl of ham and beans and we both passed out early. Tim left early this morning and I'm currently at work. It's slow, everyone came in before Thanksgiving. I have a water aerobics class tonight, looking forward to it. There's something so cool about swimming when it's cold and dark out. Until now, swimming has been a seasonal thing and has primarily taken place in my apartment's relatively small pool. Now I can get nice, long laps in at this huge gym pool. So, that was my relatively kick back holiday. It was really nice to stay home this year and enjoy my husband, good food and good entertainment. I'd be fine if every Thanksgiving was the same. I hope you all had fun ♡
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