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FINALLY!! I just LOVE MY Snow!!! (Pics)

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

I live in Southern Maine right on the harbor. Inland (5 to 15 miles varies LOL from storm to storm) and in the Mountains they've been getting snow for a few weeks. Well I simply LOVE This time of year BIG TIME!! Not for the holiday (I don't bother with them) but because I LOVE SNOW!!

As a kid my Grandfather worked in Public Works for the city I live in. So when it snowed he got overtime!! He LOVED overtime!! So he'd be ALL excited about snow!! Plus he just loved it any ways. I got my sheer excitement from my Grampie!! When it snows, I can still remember him having my poor Grammie go out in the deepest part of the snow with her tiny boots, her dress on,, a coat ,, with a yard stick so she could measure it. He'd take video's and pictures. Oh he'd LOVE today's technology!!

PLUS when it snowed out of course as with any place if there's enough school got CANCELLED!! In my senior year of HS though we were NOT happy!! We had 2 storms back to back, a blizzard and a Nor'easter. They could not clear the sidewalks because back then they didn't have an area to put all the snow, so we ended up with 2 weeks OFF in Feb. I LOVED school,,,, we had to give up our April vacation so we could still graduate on time.

BUT!! To this day when I hear "SNOW STORM" that kid in me JUMPS OUT STILL TO PLAY!!

As it was snowing yesterday a friend who shares the same love and I went for a walk.

I never tire of the view. We just walked down to the store.

I live off one of the main streets in our city and this road is often is very busy, but since school was called off, most were at home with the kiddo's or waiting for the roads to be easier to drive on. Mind you roads like this do NOT stop us per say. I did have the day off from work. I've had a mini vacation!! Thurs and Fri of course we were off (Turkey day) and the weekends I do not work. Monday my client cancelled and Tuesday (the pics etc are from Tuesday) all with PAY!!

We cleaned off the cars in the parking lot. There weren't many in it. We have 42 parking spots, not many stayed home. I LOVE helping to clean off the cars!! FREE Exercise!! Today (Weds) all cars needed to be out of the lot so it could be plowed. One of them was very stuck!! So I did quite a bit of shoveling of hers, and another one was struggling so I partly did dig her out. FREE Exercise!!

Today it was 32 F and sunny. I went out for another walk with only a sweatshirt on and no gloves, mittens were needed. On my walk saw a guy in shorts, not uncommon we smiled and said HI because no other words were needed.


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